Democrats Need to Stop Funding the Russian War Against the Free People of Ukraine!

By Rep. Richard Holtorf

US renewable energy policy promoted by the Democrat party funds and fuels Russian aggression in the war against Ukraine today.  

Green New Deal and unrealistic renewable energy goals and their proponents here in Colorado and across our country that worship at the altar of renewable energy “Gods” have Ukrainian blood on their hands.

Starting at the top with President Biden and even our own Colorado Governor, Jared Polis, and all those who have pushed to aggressively curtail traditional oil and gas energy now fund Russia’s war against Ukraine in excess of $68,000,000/day.

Anecdotally, this amount of money can fund the manufacture of 21 armored tanks and more armored vehicles. Those tanks and armored vehicles are leading the blitzkrieg in Ukraine as Ukrainian soldiers and civilians die every day on the battlefield.  

The decision to terminate the purchase of oil and/or natural gas from the enemies of world’s Western civilizations who attack the Democratic counties of the world should be immediate and without debate.

The real issue here is the fact that Colorado Oil and Gas – which has been hamstrung by the Governor’s energy policies for the last three years, could meet all the energy needs provided by Russia to the United States all by itself.  

How you ask? Colorado, the 5th largest producer of oil and the 7th largest producer of natural gas in the nation, has enormous production capability. 

The Colorado Oil and Gas Association has stated that Colorado alone has the energy capacity and potential to meet the NATO energy needs for over a decade.  

I am not even mentioning the ability of the states in the union that produce at levels above Colorado’s capabilities.  Let us not forget our neighbor to the North in Canada.  The Keystone pipeline was the solution to leverage Canadian oil for the United States and the rest of the world but Brandon had to shut that down as he worships the “Gods” of the Green New Deal. 

The US President and the Colorado Governor need to wash the blood off their hands in the war against traditional energy and against Ukraine.  

Immediately stop importing Russian oil and gas.  Open the full development and production of US and Colorado oil and gas to make up these shortfalls.  Invest in the United States and our natural resources.

No more Russian oil and gas, nor Iranian oil or gas, nor Venezuelan oil or gas, or any other enemy of the United States. Ukrainians and their desire for freedom and the democratic way of life deserve better.  

We must stop funding communist aggression against the West, marxist advancement across the world, and/or the fundamental totalitarian Islamic nations who spread terrorism across the Middle East and kill Americans.  

State Representative Richard Holtorf is a Republican rancher, farmer, feedlot manager, and retired U.S. Army Colonel with 29 years of service.

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