Erik Aadland: Who is the real extremist in CD7?

By Erik Aadland

Who is the real extremist in the seventh district congressional race? 

Brittany Pettersen portrays herself as a moderate while allowing her high-dollar media team to levy baseless accusations against me. But despite these efforts, her voting record and policy positions reveal her unsettling and destructive radicalism. 

In contrast, I stand for balanced and responsible governance that puts party aside to get things done for Colorado and America.

Brittany Pettersen voted to lower penalties for possessing lethal amounts of fentanyl. What has followed is an unprecedented number of deaths (approaching 1500 in Colorado alone), mostly young people, from the drug. Many users do not realize that they are taking fentanyl. Chinese agencies manufacture this dangerous drug and provide it to cartels who transport it across the southern border to flood the American streets.  It is a carefully designed, heinous attack on our country.

We must not tolerate this lawlessness. As a Congressman, I will strive to ensure our laws are enforced and drug dealers are held accountable for their crimes. Whereas Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have left the southern border open—and Brittany Pettersen agrees with this policy— a secure southern border is key to restoring public safety and national security. 

Brittany Pettersen has no  answers for meeting our future energy needs. She has only the ideologically driven, naïve intent to abruptly move away from oil and natural gas and switch to intermittent solar and wind power prematurely. This extreme and dangerous path would be disastrous to our economy and undermine our national security. Any energy expert will acknowledge the continuing need for oil and natural gas in the short to medium term, and that increased natural gas utilization has had the greatest impact on reducing harmful emissions. The Biden administrations destruction of domestic oil and natural gas production has made us reliant  on hostile foreign sources, jeopardized our national security, and contributed to nearly doubling the cost of fuel products over two years..

There is a better way. Having spent a decade working all over the world in the energy sector, I understand how to establish sustainable energy independence for our nation. We must protect our environment while restoring sound energy policy. If we steward our natural resources responsibly, we can seek sustainability without diminishing national security, the economy, living standards, or global power and competitive advantage. Wise use of existing sources of energy, coupled with well-researched, market-proven emerging technologies, will enhance lifestyles for everyone while preserving our planet for future generations.

Brittany Pettersen sees increasing taxes on fuel as being a beneficial use of government power, even though this added cost during an economic downturn hurts every citizen in the state. In addition, she has no response to the malaise besetting our economy except to increase government spending, in spite of the fact that excessive spending is exactly what has caused today’s inflation crisis. She clearly supports increasing this insidious hidden tax on the American people. 

I will seek to end wasteful federal spending from day one in office. I believe Congress must carefully manage government spending with a consistent view towards reducing costs and waste. 

Furthermore, I will lead in returning government to its proper role as designed by the Constitution. It is not the role of government to live our lives and make our decisions for us. The enormous success of our nation comes from opportunity and freedom to pursue one’s dreams.

Brittany Pettersen is too extreme for Colorado and for the country. Despite her hollow claims of being a “fighter” for citizens, she will only fall in line with her Washington bosses. We do not need another rubber stamp for the destruction of opportunity and the erosion of the rule of law. 

If you want to restore balance and responsibility to our government, I would be honored to have your vote. I am a proven leader in combat and business. I bring experience that a career politician like Brittany Pettersen simply does not possess. In all our policy challenges, I am well prepared to seek that precious middle point between right and left to find the answer that best serves each individual, promotes harmony and respect between us, and preserves our beloved liberty.

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About the Author:

Erik Aadland is a candidate for Congress in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District. He is a husband, father, combat veteran, and businessman. To learn more about Erik, please visit