The Democrats’ No-Good, Very Bad Summer

By Kristi Burton Brown

If you’re just now tuning in to Colorado’s political scene, you might have missed some major missteps by Colorado Democrats over the summer. Let’s run down a few of the worst:

  • In a debate with Republican Attorney General candidate John Kellner, AG Phil Weiser said criminals should be put in jail once they’ve stolen “3 or 4 cars” within “say, 3 months.” Yes, really. Watch it for yourself. No wonder Colorado is #1 in the nation for auto theft.
  • In August, Colorado also became #1 in the nation for cocaine use. This, after Jared Polis promised to make our state one of the “top 10 safest states in the nation” during his State of the State Address.
  • Senator Michael Bennet refused to take any action to protect Americans at a time when fentanyl is flowing across our southern border – and into Colorado – in record amounts. Colorado is #2 in the nation for an increase in fentanyl overdose deaths, and kids as young as 10 are finding fentanyl at their schools or homes and dying from it
  • For one of his first campaign ads, Michael Bennet decided to use a one-day fishing license to pretend he’s a fly fisherman. Combined with his hiking in nature ad (with no gear and dressed like a D.C. native instead of a Colorado outdoorsman), it’s clear that Bennet likes to pretend he understands Colorado when it’s really D.C. he represents. He’s an ineffective, inauthentic, D.C. career politician.
  • Instead of voting for more school resource officers, supporting more trained law enforcement, or hiring more border patrol agents to stop drugs, Michael Bennet voted for 87,000 more IRS agents to target everyday working Americans.
  • Joe Biden delivered one of the most hate-filled rants, disguised as a presidential address, ever to fill the airwaves. In this speech, he basically said that any Republican who ever supported the idea of making America great again is an enemy of the United States. Real unifying stuff, especially from the man who was elected to bring the nation back together again.
  • State Senator Pete Lee was charged with voting in a district he didn’t live in – and he also represented this district while he sponsored and passed some of Colorado’s worst pro-criminal laws and headed up the Senate Judiciary Committee. Unfortunate – but typical – for Democrats to break the law while they make it easier for others to keep breaking it, too.

These are the kind of things Democrats do in Colorado because there’s no political balance in our state. They think they can keep siding with special interests over the taxpayers, drug dealers over kids, and criminals over law enforcement. No wonder a recent poll shows John Kellner tied with Phil Weiser in the race for Attorney General and Joe O’Dea one point behind Michael Bennet in the race for U.S. Senate. Coloradans are ready for a real change and for people – not career politicians – who can build a safer Colorado with us all.

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About the Author:

Kristi Burton Brown is the Chairwoman of the Colorado Republican Party.