RNC Announces Election Integrity Initiative

By Weston D. Imer, Youth Advisory Council Member Republican National Committee

In April of this year I was honored to be appointed to the Republican National Committees (RNC) Youth Advisory Council. This group of Gen Z and Millenial Conservative Activists, strategists, influencers and grass roots leaders has been tasked with guiding the GOP on how to capture and secure the youth vote not just in 2024 but for subsequent elections to come.

The Youth Advisory Council has also been tasked with helping organize the rollout of the largest, legal ballot chasing, harvesting, and election integrity program in American history.

BankYourVote.com launched on June 7th, 2023. This program created by the Republican National Committee is laser focused on securing our elections up and down the ballot and will ensure fair and accurate election results in 2024.

How will this program work you ask? Well let me elaborate. Bank Your Vote will leverage every aspect of the RNC field operation. In 2022 the RNC led the largest ever election integrity operation in history to Protect Your Vote. This included over 80,000 Republicans who served as poll watchers and poll workers nationwide and much more. Now, going into 2024, our work to Protect Your Vote will be supercharged with an even larger team of grassroots leaders and more key lawsuits to protect our elections from fraud.

On top of all of this, with the launch of Bank Your Vote, the RNC will be chasing ballots from before they are even in the mail. Targeting voters beginning 3 months in advance of the election with targeted digital ads, text messaging, mailers and even door to door and phone banking operations to ensure that everyone casts their ballots for Republican candidates in the election.

Not only will the RNC be laser focused on this operation but so will our sister organizations, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

Bank Your Vote will incorporate facets of GOP Data, Digital, Ground Operations, Election Integrity Operations, Strategic Messaging and Marketing as well as Social Media outreach from conservatives of all ages.

This program is a massive start to our mission to secure our elections, however, all the work and dedication in the world is not effective without the grass roots engaging and adopting these strategies.

We must stop losing the ballot harvesting war to the democrats, it is time that we all unite behind the RNC and Bank Your Vote so we can ensure victory in 2024 and beat Joe Biden and retake the White House.

I implore everyone who is reading this message, sign the pledge on BankYourVote.com today! Time is of the essence and we must get to work to save our elections, because without secure elections we have no country.

We all must work together to Protect Our Vote, and the RNC wants to do just that. The RNC wants to Protect Your Vote from Theft, Protect Your Vote from Fraud, Protect Your Vote from being rejected, Protect the secrecy of Your Vote and most importantly Protect Your Vote from the radical left.

I encourage you to share this message with your friends, neighbors, family, and even on your social media accounts. We must reach as many voters as possible to ensure that everyone’s vote is Protected going into 2024.

Our work here is only beginning and as Colorado’s voice on the Youth Advisory Council I promise you I will remain dedicated to the fight of saving our country, ensuring integrity in our elections, engaging and energizing the youth to vote for Republican candidates, and most importantly I will remain dedicated to representing and being a voice for the grass roots and the youth of Colorado.

Please sign the Pledge to Bank Your Vote and Secure Your Vote today by visiting www.BankYourVote.com. The RNC and myself are here to answer any of your questions regarding this program and you can reach me via email at [email protected] or by phone at 303-758-3333.

Let’s #Win2024!

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About the Author:

Weston Imer is a political strategist based in Denver, CO. Currently he serves as a Project Manager for the Colorado GOP. In the past Weston served as Co-Chair for the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign in Jefferson County Colorado and as Campaign Manager for the Laurel Imer for Congress Campaign in CO-07, as well as many other political campaigns over the past 8 years. You can learn more about Weston at www.WestonImer.net