Radical Teaching Continues to be Pushed by Department of Education

By Laurel Imer

As parents and grandparents, we all know how much we care about education for our children and grandchildren. Education has become the number one issue for many people in recent years,  mainly because of the COVID-19 shutdown of our schools, businesses, and places of worship.

When our children were told, they couldn’t go to school, couldn’t go outside, and couldn’t play sports it destroyed their morale and set many of them back several years in development. Only 30 percent of fourth graders in America are reading at or above grade level. This statistic alone shows how dire our educational situation is in this country.

For years, most government-funded schools have been pursuing a political agenda of anti-American history, divisive Critical Race Theory, explicit sex education and gender theory for children as young as kindergarten. These assaults on children’s innocence have often been deliberately kept secret from parents.

As the people who have the closest involvement in our children’s and grandchildren’s education, we have witnessed firsthand what our kids are being taught in schools as this curriculum was front and center in our homes for the past two years while our children were forced to stay home and not have a social life that would help them develop at a faster and more acceptable rate.

Let’s face it, our children aren’t being taught, they are being indoctrinated into a global collective consciousness that’s only effort is to erase all individuality, personal differences and original thought. It is our role as the guardians of our children to protect them from this radical educational agenda. Teachings like CRT, 1619 Project, revisionist history, radical sex education and grooming.

States like Florida have taken actions to stop this radical agenda by passing laws like the Parental Rights in Education Act — also wrongly known as the leftist dubbed “Don’t Say Gay Bill”. This bill makes you, the parent and the grandparent, the chief executive officer of your children and grandchildren’s education. Contrary to popular belief, this bill does not ban the word “Gay”, nor is the word even mentioned in the bill. What it does do is  prohibit schools from grooming children in grades Pre K – 5th grade from being taught radical sexual education and from being converted to fit some artificial mold created by the radical left.

We have seen these radical teachings come to Colorado and we have seen these radical teachings continually pushed by the federal Department of Education. I was the first candidate in the CO District 7 congressional  race to publicly call for the abolishment of the DOE and for the return of parental rights in our educational process.

Your tax dollars should follow your child — on average you pay $6,000-$13,000 a year to the US government each year. If you could use that money in the manner you see fit, rather than how the government mandates, don’t you think that your children or your grandchildren would get a better education? Imagine the possibilities if that money was in your pocket and it could follow your child. You could use that to homeschool, like I did with my son,. You could use that money to send them to a private school that teaches curriculum that you know will benefit your child. Or, you could still send your child to a public school and allow your money to stay with your child at that public school.

Even if your children or grandchildren have completed school, your tax dollars are still going toward the public school system. It is our responsibility to ensure that our schools are using our money (not theirs) responsibly and in ways that do not include indoctrinating our kids. I cannot encourage you enough to get involved in education and the school system. Volunteer at your local elementary, middle or high school, get in that classroom, help our students hear a different viewpoint rather than one-sided brain washing from the radical left.  Go to the school library and look up the curriculum for yourself. Don’t take no for an answer, make a difference, stand up and fight. This fight is just beginning, and we have a long way to go.

Everything I have just mentioned are possible if we eliminate the department of education and return educational control of your child back to the state and local boards and most importantly you the parents.

I am running for Congress not just to fire Nancy Pelosi and stop the other radical legislation being pushed by this one-party rule. I am running for Congress to Put America First, Put the People First and Put The Parents first once again. It’s simply common sense. My mission is to Save America and with your help I can do just that.

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About the Author:

Laurel Imer is a Republican candidate in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District.