Platforming the Republican Youth Ahead of 2022

By James Ruehmann
Symbol of Republican party cut out of paper

When discussing Colorado high schools, controversies are commonly known: drugs, gangs, crime, Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory, corruption, a lack of transparency with parents and students, etc. From my own personal experience, I can confirm that all of these issues are present at Cherry Creek High School.

As a Sophomore, I watched the events of the last two years unfold in the classroom. I became fed up with the lies being peddled to impressionable young minds. It was concerning to me how little of my fellow students held the ability to think critically in response to narratives on controversial issues. I was concerned about how little political diversity was held in our schools, and how none of my fellow conservatives were willing to put in the work to change the narratives.

It is for this reason I founded the Cherry Creek Teenage Republicans, to provide somewhat of a free space for conservative students willing to learn about and discuss conservative ideas at Creek. Ultimately, we understood that there needed to be more clubs similar to ours, providing a strong and unified outlet to conservative youth, and we found none. I took it upon myself to create the Colorado Federation of Teen Republicans. 

On March 27th, the Colorado Republican Committee recognized us as the official youth auxiliary and young republican authority in Colorado. Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown said in her letter of recognition to myself and Vice President Jack Fleischner, that she applauded “your determination to lead the next generation of Republicans and [we] voted unanimously to approve your application. “

We, as a federation, plan not only to help guide and manage new and existing Republican clubs but energize a conservative movement ahead of the 2022 election. We have worked to begin establishing conservative organizations in our schools, so that our students may be free to discuss, debate, and campaign for candidates. We want to provide internship opportunities, job opportunities, friendships, and connections to last a lifetime. In short, we want to build a framework for a conservative movement; The likes of which this state has never seen.

But I cannot do this alone. Colorado High School Democrats are organized. We need the support of Colorado conservatives in every way possible. If you have a conservative teenager, tell them about us! Spread the word! If you cannot start a club at a school, offer to run a club for your neighborhood or town. As I said previously, this is the conservative movement of the future. To facilitate a movement such as this is not only important but necessary.

Rebuilding America starts here. If we want to win big in November, we need an organized movement of young people to volunteer and support our candidates.

To find resources about the federation and what you and your student can do, please visit, and follow us on social media @coloradoftrs. 

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About the Author:

James Ruehmann is the President of the Colorado Federation of Teen Republicans.