Our Commitment to America

By Erik Aadland

In spite of Democrat-contrived crises troubling our nation, America has a bright future. However, we can only achieve this future through purposeful action. Unfortunately, current weak and misguided Democrat leadership is undermining our strength, destroying our economy, and making the world less safe, both within and without our borders. 

We face significant problems, which we must plainly acknowledge without euphemism for us to fix them. 

Our economy is in a tailspin. Wasteful government spending has caused runaway inflation. Regressing from energy independence back to reliance on potentially hostile foreign sources while driving towards an imbalanced, economically disastrous Green New Deal has undermined our national security and raised the costs of everything.   

Crime harms innocent people and is enormously costly. Worse, these costs affect all citizens through higher prices and taxes. The increase in our local crime rate, particularly the violent crime and murder rate, directly traced to Democrat politicians who attempted to defund the police and neglected to uphold our laws. Human and drug trafficking is rampant because of these soft on crime policies.

Failing schools harm our children. Our health care is untenably costly and inefficient. Furthermore, even the discourse around problems like these is stifled by partisan censorship by Big Tech corporations. When we fail to act on these issues and hold special interests accountable, we allow them to steal our future.

Democrats in power do not represent the desires of the people, nor do they see themselves as accountable to them. They act on their own initiative to trample our individual freedoms while giving themselves special treatment. Meanwhile, ordinary citizens suffer due to the intentionally unclear priorities of the elite political class. We plainly see that the current Democrat leadership has no plan to address the issues hurting hard working American families. 

However, this November, Americans have a critical opportunity to redress these wrongs. Republican leadership in the House of Representatives has unveiled the Commitment to America plan for just this reason. The Commitment features four pillars:

  • An Economy That is Strong: Republicans will tackle the cost-of-living crisis Americans are facing, including record-high grocery, electricity, and gas prices, supply chain issues, and competition with China. 
  • A Nation That is Safe: We’ll be tough on crime, support law enforcement, secure our Southern border, address the Fentanyl epidemic, and strengthen our national security. 
  • A Future That is Free: House Republicans will put children first and ensure their success, improve health outcomes for all Americans, and confront Big Tech. 
  • A Government That is Accountable: We will hold the Biden Administration accountable and fight to preserve our freedoms under the Constitution.

This plan is based on common sense, proven principles, and timeless American values. It directs our efforts to restore the promise of the American Dream and brings us together as a country. Together, we will put these policies to work for us and watch as liberty propels our nation forward.

My experiences in life have well prepared me to take an active and informed role in enacting these policy solutions. From leading soldiers on the battlefields of Iraq, securing the border with Pakistan in Afghanistan, to leading energy projects all over the world, I have made a career out of helping people solve problems and excel. Now, I am seeking to empower the American people to reach their potential and build a brighter future for all of us.

I am Committed to America and a brighter future!

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About the Author:

Erik Aadland is a candidate for Congress in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District. He is a husband, father, combat veteran, and businessman. To learn more about the Commitment to America, please visit CommitmentToAmerica.com.