Michael Bennet is a back-bencher. Joe O’Dea is a builder.

By RNC Co-Chairman Tommy Hicks

On August 23, 2022, the scissors snapped and the crowd cheered as Senator Michael Bennet cut the ribbon at the Colorado River Headwaters Connectivity Project’s groundbreaking. The Senator spoke at the podium under the tent, shook hands, posed for photo opportunities, and added to his list of accomplishments that he’s unfairly taken credit for. 

Standing under the sun alongside his crew, wearing a neon construction vest and a scuffed hardhat, was CEO of CEI Construction Joe O’Dea. Surrounded by his company’s massive equipment, O’Dea applauded alongside the community as they celebrated a giant feat for freshwater conservation. His company now spearheads construction for the new site with O’Dea leading the charge. The work doesn’t stop just because he’s running to represent Coloradans in the Senate. 

Since 2009, O’Dea has watched Senator Bennet pander to Coloradoans on a false promise of working for all, not just Democrats, much like he did at the podium that day. In reality, other than voting alongside Joe Biden 98% of the time, the Senator rarely accomplishes anything for either Party. Bennet is little more than a rubber-stamp for Biden’s failed agenda: he voted alongside Biden to raise taxes during a recession, kneecap America’s energy industry, and hire 87,000 new IRS agents to target everyday Americans.

Despite his ambitious promises to be a champion for the state’s natural resources on the campaign trail, Bennet’s legislation has yet to pass a Republican or Democrat controlled Senate. These efforts are paralleled with Bennet’s push for a public healthcare option, Medicare-X, and his useless immigration reform bill which also failed.

These three examples are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bennet’s inability to be an effective legislator. Since he originally took office more than 10 years ago, the Senator has introduced more than 250 bills. Only one became a law, which was basically a small revision to a Bill that already exists. Given Bennet’s support for the left-wing agenda, it’s a good thing he can’t get anything done –. but that doesn’t mean we should ignore his ineffectiveness.

This unsuccessful track record has landed Senator Bennet the 41st slot on the list of most effective Democrat Senators, which translates to him being effective less than 10% of the time. If I were a betting man, he would not be someone I would want my money on. But if there is one thing I am 100% sure of: the Centennial State needs a work horse, not a show pony.

Thankfully, on the other side of the ballot, Joe O’Dea is a political outsider with specific goals headed into the Senate: reduce inflation, cut the debt, support the police and military, and defend working Americans. Lucky for the people of Colorado, he has a track record of creating jobs and success: just look at his incredible life story. Although Democrats won’t admit it, they are terrified someone like O’Dea will come in and showcase how poor of a job Bennet is doing. Just look at the ten million dollars they spent in an attempt to defeat him in primaries.

The people of Colorado deserve a Senator who does what they say they will, who embodies the spirit of the West and the opportunity held in its vastness. They deserve to elect someone who resembles their can-do attitude and no-quit work ethic. Colorado is not a state built by people who were fed by a silver spoon, so it should not be represented by Michael Bennet – someone who was.

It is time for the people of Colorado to push aside lazy radicalism and get behind a tried-and-true entrepreneur with a successful track record. Colorado should support a candidate who will elevate the quality of life for those in the state. Colorado has a back-bencher in Michael Bennet. They deserve Joe O’Dea, a builder.

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About the Author:

Tommy Hicks is the Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee.