It’s Time We Rally Together to Launch a New GOP in Colorado

By Aaron Wood

The Colorado Republican Party is weak. It needs strength, and it is up to us to unite and strengthen it. It is time for us to provide a fresh perspective and an unconventional approach to stop the bleed of continuous losses of not just the elections, but of the numbers in the body of the Colorado Republican Party.

Who is this “us” that I am referring to?  

The “us” are the conservative activists. 

The “us” are the grassroots groups that stand in the gap for their communities against the onslaught of leftist indoctrination. 

The “us” are the parents who have had enough of the failing public schools in Colorado.

The “us” are the business owners that cannot hire employees because of rising cost of living and burdensome mandates.

The “us” are sitting in the pews of churches celebrating the overturn of Roe V. Wade and are determined to choose God’s side of the equation.

The “us” are the pioneering spirit of Coloradans who want to live their best lives without the government slowly killing them with a death of a thousand cuts. 

The “us” is “We the People” of Colorado, and we are fed up. We are fed up with losing. 

Rather than sit idly by on the sidelines while our beautiful state is destroyed by the Democrats, we must be determined to become involved and work to reform the apparatus we have with the Colorado GOP as our opportunity to win and restore this State back to its glory.

In order to reach “us”, the Colorado GOP needs to listen to “us”, and work with “us”. While we continue to experience the gaslighting false narratives of the current Colorado GOP’s failed leadership, that data tells us we need unaffiliated voters to make up our numbers, our true numbers are found in the lost opportunity of reaching the conservative voters that should be a part of the Colorado GOP.

In over a decade of marketing, brand and business development, and organizational leadership, I have learned that sometimes you just have to eat the meat and spit out the bones. You need to get back to the root and heart of an organization and find the WHY. Why do we exist? Why do we have value? Why do we continue?

In asking those questions of the Colorado GOP, and of myself, I am determined that we have so much at stake to lose if we as Republicans continue to lose elections. However, we have so much to gain at this point in which we have lost so much. 

The plan to unite Colorado conservatives under the banner of the new Colorado GOP is simple but will take work to achieve. It is now time for us to Rebrand, Reconnect, Reinstall confidence, and Rally the Troops to a new Colorado GOP.

No amount of political or legal experience will ignite the remnant of the Republican party in Colorado. It is time for unapologetically bold leadership, that stands firmly on the tenets of the Republican platform and establishes a premium but approachable brand that attracts new life through strength, and of course, fun.

My name is Aaron Wood, and as a conservative Christian, a marketer, a business leader, a grassroots activist, a husband, and a father, I have a unique perspective on the issues facing our state and the Republican party, and I believe I have the skills and experience necessary to rebuild and lead the Colorado GOP into the future

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About the Author:

Aaron Wood is the founder of the conservative grassroots Freedom Fathers, brand marketer, and business strategist. Wood has built a career of taking unconventional approaches to complicated problems and implementing innovative solutions to help groups and organizations succeed.