It’s Time for Change

By Jaylen Mosqueira

We’re all busy, but our everyday lives are now feeling pressure that is taking us out of our comfort zone. Groceries are more expensive, gas prices are up, and our money simply isn’t going as far as it used to. Our communities are suffering from rampant crime and our kids can’t read. Why is this? 

While there is no doubt the pandemic has greatly impacted our state, we must also take a step further to reflect on the laws passed over the last several years that have deeply affected our state. Policies have been implemented that have increased crime by allowing criminals back on the streets only to re-offend, increased costs, and impacted our children’s learning. 

This is why I am running for the Colorado House of Representatives in House District 38– to deal with these failing policies and empower our community to flourish. As a native of Colorado, I am intimately involved with our community and want to bring the best-balanced policies to our state. My goals as a representative are straightforward: address the rising cost of living, restore safety in our community, and ensure our children have a quality education. 

It’s becoming increasingly expensive in Colorado, and this can be fixed by government leaders getting out of the way and allowing the entrepreneurial spirit of Coloradans to thrive. This starts by lowering taxes and fees, cutting unnecessary red tape and regulations, and protecting the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which ensures taxpayers get their money back. 

Your family deserves to be and feel safe, which begins with ensuring our police officers are funded in order to keep us protected. We also must repeal legislation that allows criminals back on the streets to ensure violent criminals are held accountable. 

Education is one of my top priorities. Each student is different, and parents should be given the freedom to choose the school that best fits their child. With most students in Colorado unable to read at grade level, it is imperative that our schools are getting back to the fundamental subjects of reading, math, and writing and that politics is kept out of the classroom. 

It’s time for a change in the leadership of our state. It’s time for our community to flourish. No longer can we stand for legislators who choose activism over leadership, we must fight for unity and get our communities back to prospering. 

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About the Author:

Jaylen Mosqueira is a Republican running for Colorado’s House District 38.