Insecurity Is Destroying Our Greatness

By C.J. Garbo

Why are our highly intelligent, competent, and capable people not fully tapped in Colorado Republican politics?

Before I begin, I want to be abundantly clear: Colorado Republicans have many intelligent and capable people involved in the political process from volunteers to candidates to elected officials and everything in between, but why do huge gaps remain?

In Colorado, when compared to our political opponents, Republicans too often take second place when it comes to campaign and political messaging, strategy, understanding and use of technology, depth of policy understanding and analysis, and party unification in the eyes of a majority of voters – even and especially to those who refuse to associate with either major party.

Personally, for this frustrated Colorado native, I believe that in many cases our political losses are as foreseeable as they are avoidable for anyone who is serving or wishes to serve in any capacity under the Republican banner.

There is an idiom which states that the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.  This is because while intentions can be easily counterfeited by those intent on doing harm, those who have genuinely good intent may also lack the knowledge, wisdom, skills, foresight, and/or aptitude to execute and deliver on even the most basic of actions – to say nothing of the complex and highly-demanding ones – and do actual harm.

The former group (those with intent to harm) does so because they are involved for the wrong reason: to seek power.  The latter group (those with intent for good but do harm anyway) often become insubordinate and hostile toward those in leadership as they lack the ability to see the greater picture, understand the complex strategy, fail to realize their impact on others, and think success is dependent upon the inconsequential (i.e. yard signs and websites do not win elections) which they usually become hyper-focused on.

When political activism gets flooded with the above two personality types, it quickly drives out the intellectual, competent, and capable types who have absolutely no desire to work harder instead of smarter for what they know is likely a foreseeable loss – for they have a keen understanding and foresight of what it will take to win and precisely how to get there, provided the aforementioned in their quest for power or to quell their personal insecurities do not completely sabotage the winning effort.

My suggestion and encouragement to every Republican who wants to improve our situation right now – today?  

Start by submitting to those who are currently in roles/positions of leadership and authority by joining and supporting their success.  Certainly, express your opinions and even your disagreements but – when all is said and done – submit to their final decision and support it to its successful completion.

It is extremely easy to criticize any authority, especially when you’re not the one responsible and accountable for the results or to those who are being led.

Support your County Chairpersons, even when you do not agree with their direction or decision.  If you’re working on a campaign, support the candidate’s decision no matter what; it is their name and reputation on the line, not yours (obviously barring anything illegal, immoral, or unethical).  Get over yourselves and serve something bigger than yourself.

Be better servants today.  I promise, it’ll make you greater leaders tomorrow.

Not only is it the more intelligent thing to do for the long term, but it is the most honorable thing, and this behavior will attract more like-minded to the cause instead of repelling them.

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About the Author:

C. J. Garbo is the former Campaign Manager for Greg Lopez for Governor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Metropolitan State University of Denver and a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Regis University. He serves as the Election Commission Chairman for the Town of Castle Rock, is the former Chairman of the Douglas County Young Republicans, and the former Chairman of the Auraria College Republicans. He is a Cyber Security Executive and serves on the Network Advisory Board for Emily Griffith Technical College. C. J. is also a 15-year law enforcement veteran and is certified by FBI-LEEDA’s Command Institute for Law Enforcement Executives.