I’m Running to Make Colorado Better

By David Buckley

Family matters to me.  My twin daughters are now adults, and I am proud of the lives they are building for themselves.  As they were growing up, I was an involved Dad with their sports teams, 4-H, and Future Farmers of America. We love spending time in Colorado’s beautiful outdoors and enjoy hiking, white water rafting, and camping. But Colorado today is not the same Colorado where they were born and raised.

Today’s Colorado is unaffordable, unfair, and in many places, unsafe.  Our political leaders have failed us, and we need to chart a new, more productive, safer direction.  This is why I’m running for State Representative.

Throughout my long professional career in health care and medical transportation, I strengthened my ability to lead people in different work environments. I have always embraced the entrepreneurial spirit. In 2016, I took a chance to take on the true definition of being an entrepreneur and joined a friend of mine in building a franchise business. My strategic business management and leadership skills allowed our set of locations to become one of the largest in Colorado for that franchise, all within 3 years.

Like many, I have not had it easy over the past couple of years and my business was impacted by the strict lockdowns and restrictions. Today I work with Grand County Road and Bridge as a heavy equipment operator maintaining our communities’ roads.  I couldn’t be more proud of the work that our people do together.

During my campaign, I have been all over House District 13 and seen how labor shortages, skyrocketing inflation, unnecessary regulations on agriculture and small businesses, and countless other issues have affected our communities. My goal is to make a change and see HD13 and the entire state thrive economically and socially. I will do this by supporting policies that will: 

  • Improve affordability in rural Colorado, support businesses, and build our economy by cutting burdensome taxes. I will focus on getting money back into the hands of Coloradans, by being the fiscally responsible representative they deserve. 
  • Fund law enforcement, keep drugs off our streets and ensure our neighborhoods are protected from crime. It’s important we have safe communities in which our families and small businesses can thrive, which is why I will work to keep our state secure and flourishing. 
  • Provide funding for schools to attract excellent teachers and provide high-quality curriculum. I will advocate quality education for our students and ensure that parents are involved in the education of their children. 
  • Defend and protect our beautiful state. Water and land resources must be preserved, along with property rights for ranchers and farmers. The hunting and fishing industries must also be supported by preserving wildlife habitats and encouraging responsible management of public forests and grasslands.  All of this works alongside the vibrant tourism industry throughout HD 13.

I am running to represent HD 13 and its people who are working hard to make a better life for themselves and their families.

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About the Author:

David Buckley is a father of two adult daughters and lives in Grand County where he works as a truck driver. He is running to represent House District 13 in the state House of Representatives. This is his first run for office.