Coloradans See Through Democrats’ Campaign Shenanigan

By House Minority Leader Hugh McKean

Governor Polis continues to undermine our state’s constitution by slapping his brand on Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights as part of a reelection strategy. In addition to gaslighting voters with the suspicious timing of their TABOR tax refunds, Polis is including a signed letter to each Colorado taxpayer that includes, “it is a true pleasure to send you this enclosed ‘Colorado Cashback’ refund check.” 

State Democrats have never before believed TABOR “a pleasure,” they have been trying to dismantle this exceptional constitutional amendment since its passage in 1992. 

It became clear this January that Democrats would attempt to leverage TABOR refunds as part of their reelection strategy when they changed the refund mechanism but for this year only and when they voted to send checks out months in advance. The Republican minority of course pushed back against politicizing TABOR but were voted down. 

Seeing that SB22-233 would pass, I introduced amendment #L.018 to ensure that “No current elected official shall have their name or likeness printed on the reimbursement warrant, nor shall any current elected official’s name or likeness appear on any related documents mailed or delivered in connection with the refund allowed under this section.” 

But not surprisingly, this last-ditch effort to keep Colorado’s TABOR refunds from becoming a campaign tool for either party – now or in the future – failed due to the Democrat majority. 

While it may be disturbing to see Colorado Democrats campaign on something they have fought to remove from the state constitution, it is also reaffirming for Colorado’s top Democrat to accidently reaffirm limited government in his letter accompanying this year’s TABOR taxpayer refunds:

“Colorado law limits how much the state can spend each year, and thanks to Colorado’s strong economic growth and our successful work to close special interest tax loopholes, we are able to put even more of your hard-earned money back in your pocket, and we’re doing it well ahead of schedule.” – Governor Jared Polis

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About the Author:

Hugh McKean (R-Loveland) is Colorado’s House Minority Leader.