Getting Things Done – Five Amendments Pass the House with Bipartisan Support

By Rep. Lauren Boebert

In the past two months, I have passed five amendments on the House Floor with bipartisan support. This new era of bipartisanship was made possible by the historic rule changes that I was able to secure by standing strong with the Patriot 20. The result is good governance and better policies for the American people. This is what Republican governance looks like: we are putting forward good policies that increase transparency, and we are willing to work with Democrats to do the right thing and deliver results for the American people. 

I am delivering results, and in the 118th Congress, I have passed the following amendments through the House of Representatives:

First, my amendment to the REIN IN Act passed the House 386-31, with broad bipartisan support. My amendment requires the White House to post on its public website the Inflation Impact Assessments of executive orders and federal regulations. My commonsense transparency amendment lets the American people know how much each executive order and federal regulation will cost them through increased inflation. More transparency leads to better policies. Even Democrats know that Biden’s executive orders and regulations are causing inflation, and my amendment passed the House 386-31 with strong bipartisan support—including every Colorado Democrat and every Member of Democrat leadership voting for it like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jamie Raskin, Hakeem Jeffries, and others.

Second, my amendment that requires the CDC to report on the number of international passengers denied entry into the United States due to Biden’s draconian vaccine mandate passed the House of Representatives with strong bipartisan support and 38 Democrats voting in favor of it. The unnecessary CDC vaccine travel mandate has made everyday life so much harder for many people: from tearing apart family reunifications to discouraging companies from doing business with America. I have heard from so many people who have been hurt by this mandate, including: the mother of a Dutch tourist who died on the Appalachian trail who was unable to come to the United States to collect her son’s body; a Canadian man who has been unable to visit his fiancée on American soil for the past three years; a man working for a company in the United Kingdom who has been unable to travel to the United States for business meetings; and a family in New Hampshire with Canadian in-laws who have been unable to have Canadian family members visit for Christmas in the United States since COVID started.

Finally, three of my amendments to the Strategic Production Response Act passed the House—two unanimously and one via a recorded vote with bipartisan support. These important legislative provisions will deliver big wins for Colorado’s Third District by increasing government transparency, helping reduce gas prices, increasing American energy production, and protecting Colorado energy jobs.

My first amendment to the Strategic Production Response Act enhances congressional oversight and government transparency by requiring the Biden administration to submit its plan to increase oil and gas production on federal lands to the relevant congressional committees. My second amendment requires the Secretary of the Interior to identify areas for responsible energy leasing within Colorado’s Third District. My third amendment allows a 15% increase for responsible energy production on federal lands to help combat rising gas prices.

The Republican majority is off to a strong start, and I will keep working hard to pass legislation that benefits Colorado’s Third District. To stay up to date on the work I am doing for you in Congress, please subscribe to my newsletter by going to

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