Critics Accuse Him of Having Toxic Masculinity but I think he’s a Feminist: Why I’m Endorsing Eli Bremer 

By Amber English
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Eli Bremer is the only Women’s Rights Advocate in Colorado’s U.S. Senate Race

My name is Amber English. I am an Olympian. I won a Gold Medal in Women’s Shotgun at the 2021 Summer Games. I am a Veteran, having served as an Officer in the United States Army. I am a Colorado Native. I am a lifelong Republican. I’m a supporter of Eli Bremer for the United States Senate seat in CO.

As a lifelong Republican and CO Native, it’s no surprise that I would like to see CO be amongst the states to take back the Senate in 2022. As an elite competitor, it should also be no surprise that when asked for an endorsement, I size up the competition.

I’ve known Eli for 15 years. I can speak to his character, as well as his qualifications. There are many ways in which I would describe Eli: an eternal optimist with enough pragmatism to get results, a fighter, a champion, a reformer, a friend, an advocate. I think the most important way to describe Eli is to say that he is the only Republican who can beat Michael Bennet in November.

Why? Let’s start with his eternal optimism and fight … or as I like to say, grit. 

For 15 years, I have watched as Eli has taken on seemingly impossible tasks without fear or regard for his own self-interest, never once cowering, no matter how big the fight. Thirteen years ago, it was far from common place for people to speak out against the United States Olympic Committee (USOC, now USOPC). Even further from common was for an Olympian to speak out against them – in fact, it was career ending. 

While Eli was actively competing in the Olympics, my father was one of the top executives at the USOC. In addition to training and competing, Eli was stirring up trouble in Colorado Springs. He was championing for reform within the USOC on behalf of himself and his fellow Olympians. What started as a reputation as a problem-child grew into a lifelong friendship with our family and ultimately major Olympic Reform. 

You see … my father realized what so many now know about Eli. He was desperately trying sound alarm bells and fix a broken system – long before it was a popular position. In fact, my father grew to have so much respect for Eli that he ultimately quit the USOC and worked with Eli in business up until the time of his death, a few years ago. 

In addition to my father’s respect, Eli earned the respect and admiration of so many in our Olympic community. He has become known as the go-to guy for help – whether that be regarding governance questions, advice, or advocacy. 

Having long been calling for reform, Eli immerged as the natural leader to help our community heal and demand change in the wake of the devastating Larry Nasser scandal. Eli spent thousands of volunteer hours working with hundreds of Olympians and on behalf of every past, present, and future Olympian to ensure the safety of girls and women in sport. 

As a Republican male, he was an unlikely champion for women’s rights, more specifically, a woman’s right to compete without the threat or fear of sexual abuse, but he did just that. 

I’ll remind you: this was not a new fight for Eli. He had been demanding that people listen to him as he warned that the USOC was fostering an environment that would make the abuse of women an easy to overlook and easy to cover-up offense. Sadly, we now know that he was right.

I want to be very clear from a fellow Olympian’s perspective:  Eli is a man who took on an extremely powerful, well-funded, and well-insulated national organization. And for many years he did so single handedly. He has been viciously attacked for demanding reforms that would provide greater resources to Olympians living on the verge of poverty, struggling with suicidal tendencies, and being sexually assaulted.  

These are people who have dedicated their lives to Team USA, to representing the United States. Eli was the first, and for a long time, the only one with enough courage to operate with a complete lack of self-interest to demand that the organization, congressionally mandated to support Team USA, start doing their job. 

Over the years, other brave athlete advocates joined in Eli’s fight in what would become the Olympic Reform Movement. Once the Nasser scandal broke, it was clear to an entire nation that Eli’s words were not just musings but represented thousands of women suffering years of abuse. Once again, Eli leapt into action and got to work. 

Eli is credited for playing a lead role in passing a 2019 bill for Olympic Reform. No other candidate running for the U.S. Senate in CO can say this, including Michael Bennet. In fact, Bennet refused to return calls from fellow Legislators (from both parties) asking that he join in legislative reform efforts. 

As female athletes face a new threat from biological males competing in their sport, Eli once again is at the forefront of the fight for women’s safety and fairness in sport. On multiple occasions, Eli has called upon the NCAA to ban biological males from participating in female sport. 

To Eli, biological males parading around in female locker rooms, stealing their records and scholarship opportunities is completely unacceptable. To me, it’s offensive and as a female athlete I’m glad to know that Eli is once again in our corner. 

In sizing up the competition for U.S. Senate I wholeheartedly endorse Eli. Why?

Having known Eli personally for so many years of my life, it’s easy to endorse him as a friend. He is a good man with exceptional character. His worldview, work ethic, Conservatism, and commonsense approach are all grounded in deep love for God, his family, his Country, and his community.

But I also believe that Eli can win and as a competitor, this is a big factor in deciding whether to get involved in this race … I believe Eli is the only Republican who can take back CO. 

To take back CO, the Republican nominee must appeal to Republicans, Independents, Unaffiliated voters, and even Democrats. The nominee must also stand in stark contrast to Michael Bennet’s apathetic work in the Senate, on behalf of Coloradans and the Olympians who have trained here. 

I’ve seen firsthand how Eli has built a coalition of women, many of whom are Independent and Liberal. Eli has earned their trust, respect, and support. Yes, a Republican man, leveraging his Conservative principles wooed over extremely Liberal women and as a result has been able to accomplish some pretty amazing advances on behalf of women. This is why Eli can win.  

To win in CO, Republicans must woo Independent and Unaffiliated female voters. Eli has become one of the strongest national voices in protecting girls and women in sport. These are real issues that Eli has solved for women … Even before he gets to the Senate. Imagine what he will do once elected.

To win in CO, the Republican nominee must stand in contrast to Michael Bennet. No one … and I mean no one … can do this like Eli. Despite serving as Founding Chair of the Olympic Caucus, Bennet was nowhere to be found in 2019 when Eli was spearheading Olympic reform. The only legislation Bennet can be credited with on behalf of our community are two ceremonious Resolutions congratulating Olympians as we went off to the Olympics games in 2021 and 2022.

Michael Bennet supports us when we are on TV with congratulatory Resolutions. Eli Bremer supports us by passing the first Olympic reform of its’ kind in over 20 years. And he isn’t even a Senator yet. 

As an Olympic Gold Medalist, I like winning. As a Republican, I want Republicans to win. That’s why I’m supporting a man who I know can beat Michael Bennet, and who I’ve seen fight on behalf of women… and win. He’s not just a champion in sports, Eli Bremer is a conservative champion who can bring home the win for Colorado Republicans. 

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About the Author:

Amber English is a Veteran and Olympic Gold Medalist.