Connelly: Do The Right Thing, Wayne

By Matt Connelly

It’s a Friday in the middle of August, and Wayne Williams has the chance to do the right thing after a long and embarrassing week. 

Jena Griswold is using him as a prop in her taxpayer-funded reelection ad and he needs to finally take a stand for the taxpayers, and for Pam Anderson. 

It’s not too late. 

Issue a statement today calling on Jena Griswold to remove the ad from the airwaves immediately. 

Not a statement to remove the ad 30 days before ballots drop, but to remove it immediately. 

We’ll never know exactly what Williams was thinking when he agreed to appear in Griswold’s $1 million taxpayer-funded reelection ad, because he won’t speak to us for an interview, but it’s clear he thought he could get away with a taxpayer-funded self-promotion tour for his troubled campaign to be Mayor of Colorado Springs. 

He was wrong. 

Instead, he’s managed to demonstrate he is a poor steward of taxpayer dollars, aide one of Colorado’s most corrupt politicians, enrage most of the Republican Party, endanger his campaign for mayor, and alienate many former supporters and donors. 

It’s a Friday in the middle of August, Wayne. End this embarrassing drama and move on with your life. 

Do the right thing, Wayne.

Call on Jena Griswold to remove the ad from the airwaves immediately. 

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.