Colorado Republicans may have suffered losses last election but watch out Progressives; parents are still in the fight

By Schumé Navarro

The disappointment of last week’s election has not dampened the fight among parents across Colorado. In fact, it could very well serve to ignite parental fervency for school board races in 2023. This month, Colorado Parent Advocacy Network (CPAN) launched its state-wide effort to restore the parent’s voice in education. An event attended by over 300 engaged and activated parents, stakeholders, and educators whose vision is to restore a rigorous, non-political, safe, and joyful educational experience for students. 

The packed event opened with Dr. Alveda C. King, daughter of the late slain civil rights activist Rev A. D. King and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., delivering a uniting message about the beauty of our nation’s founding, diversity, and educational excellence. She shared and sang about letting our light shine and sharing it with others when their light has gone out. As a mentor to CPAN, she sure did share her light of hope with the room.

And hope is needed -The Chasm between the Teacher’s Union and parents continues to grow, with tweets from the National Teacher’s Union stating that “Educators love their students and know better than ANYONE what they need to learn and to thrive” God Bless Betsy Devos, former Secretary of Education, for her correction… 

Hubris from the educational elite has made American parents more engaged and a little enraged. 

“More than 1/2 of the student population in grades 3-8 in multiple school districts across the state did not meet basic grade-level expectations in English, Language Arts or Math.” Founder Lori Gimelshteyn stated that these unacceptable failure rates were present before COVID-19, “indicating that district practices and politics have been failing to educate our children in these critical areas for years.”

One would think that with record-low academics across the US, the National Education Association’s number 1 focus would be educational support. But no – of their 85 new business items, the objective of academic excellence is missing. The Teacher’s Union is dedicated to the LGBTQ+ agenda, making sure no one is called Mother & Father anymore, instead using titles such as “Birthing person” or “Non-Birthing person”. Even a commitment to stand against Israel is noted.

So why does the educational elite seek to assume the role of the parents? Deborah Flora, parent, advocate, and Director of Who’s Children Are They?’’ spoke on there being two world views. One is western civilization based on Judeo-Christian values that says every single human being has intrinsic value with individual rights, and the building block to those ideals is the family unit. The other worldview is a collective mindset rooted in Marxism, believing that children belong to the state. 

So when the key to a free people is an educated citizenry, it is no wonder in the 60s, when the Communist documents were read into the congressional record, many of them had to do with education, the teachers union, and lowering curriculum.

A panel including Eric Smith, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Fellow with the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism, and Co-founder of Free Black Thought and Mr. Cain Young, founder of Task Force Freedom, expressed their concern with the deliberate shift in core values in government schools coming at a cost to our children and country as a whole.  From academic excellence to DEI (diversity equity and inclusion) ie CRT. The panel shared about an honors high school physic teacher who was told NOT to teach Issac Newton, Einstein, or Galileo because they were WHITE; instead told to teach Imhotep, a scientist of his day back in Egypt who knew nothing of physics. 

Cain encouraged parents to ask why? – there is a reason why they are doing this to you

Undeniable in the room was a love for teachers but also a vigilant understanding that some educators are activists who use education as a means to indoctrinate and, too often, are encouraged to fly under the radar when teaching controversial material, meaning not being transparent.

Mr. Cain challenged listeners to show up to their kids’ school on Monday saying, “ I would just like to sit in class with my child,” and “you will quickly realize that they will not let you”.

This lack of transparency is what started Colorado Parent Advocacy Network (CPAN). Parents gathered together, realizing the harm happening to their students. They went through the proper grievance process and, unfortunately, were continually ignored by teachers and administrators alike; in that space of parental disenfranchisement, a 501c4 statewide organization was born.

“There are 178 school districts in the state of Colorado, and if there is not a parent advocacy group to connect you with CPAN will mentor you on how to start one” says founder Lori Gimelshteyn. Because this is a kitchen table movement and that’s the only way things will change is for parents to play an active role.

Mr. Cain agreed “ The Calvary is not coming, it’s us parents who are ordered by God to protect our kids, and we must rise up”.To find out more about Colorado Parent Advocacy Network (CPAN) visit

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About the Author:

Schumé Navarro is a patriot and freedom-loving mom in Arapahoe County. She does graphic and website design for campaigns, and when she’s not cohosting on local radio stations, she enjoys serving in her church. She can be found at