Colorado needs an engineer, not another politician in the Legislature

By Kevin Allen

My name is Kevin Allen.  I am a Thornton native and sixth-generation Coloradan.  My roots are deep in Colorado and came full circle when I attended and graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden.  As an engineer with an analytical mind, I enjoy finding solutions to problems.  While I was always good at math and science, my passion for problem-solving was directed less toward measurements and formulas and more toward solving the intangible problems that we face as a society.  As a father of 3, I find it more important every day to ensure that our future is secure and that I do my part to make sure things are better than we found them.  

Crime is up, inflation is up, and Colorado families are deciding whether to pay for food or for gas.  This isn’t the way Colorado families should be treated. I knew that I had to step up and make my voice heard because I know there are so many like me- struggling just to survive as a parent, working paycheck to paycheck, barely having time to myself.  We are the ones who have suffered the most- those of us who show up, do our jobs, love our kids, and just want a better future for them.  We were sandbagged by shutdowns, mandates, and, most dangerous of all, school closures.  

So, I want to take all that I’ve learned about life, politics, and engineering down to the Capitol so that I can work towards solutions that are best for all Coloradans; not just one party or special interest.  I have developed the necessary skills to bridge that divide and come at problems with a unique perspective.  I want to leave Colorado better than I found it and make sure that it is on solid footing to be a leader for the future of this country.  

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About the Author:

Kevin Allen is running to represent House District 34 in the Colorado House of Representatives. He is a father of 3, an engineer, and a candidate passionate about finding common sense solutions to Colorado’s challenges.