Colorado Democrats are interfering in our elections with your taxpayer dollars

By Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown

Usually Democrats wait until Labor Day to pull out all the tricks. This year, however, Colorado and national Democrats are deeply concerned that voters will see through their inability to solve economic problems, their inaction during a record crime wave, and their failure at our kids’ schools. So, they’re starting early.

Democrat Gov. Jared Polis was required by state law to send a refund to all taxpayers. Known as TABOR – the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, this law basically says that the Colorado government can’t keep more money than they need. Instead of spending your hard-earned money in unique and extra-wasteful ways, the government has to actually give it back to you. Novel thought. 

Instead of being honest with voters and admitting that he’s worked against TABOR in the past (and failed), Polis used roughly $2 million in more taxpayer dollars to send the money out early (before the election) and to have a letter accompany it, crediting himself with this refund. Polis refused to even say the name “TABOR,” and instead called it a “Cash Back,” attempting to convince voters that he was sending them a gift.

Democrat Secretary of State Jena Griswold spent roughly $1 million in taxpayer dollars to put up a campaign ad for herself on TV. This ad featured her name, her face, and her voice, and she assured voters that our election system in Colorado (which she runs) is secure. Jena might claim this isn’t a campaign ad, but she used our dollars to pay for it to go up on air during the time period state law calls “electioneering” season. 

What’s even worse is that Jena spent this $1 million promoting herself while county clerks across the state lack the funds to get modern equipment or fix broken machines. You’d think if you want to advocate for secure elections, you’d spend taxpayer dollars for equipment and other needs in local elections offices. But no, Jena Griswold would rather use your money to promote herself.

On a national level, Democrat President Joe Biden recently announced an executive order on student loan forgiveness. Ignore the fact – for a moment – that both Biden himself and Nancy Pelosi said he didn’t have the power to do this. Instead, let’s look at the goal here. Biden, along with Polis and Griswold, is hoping to use some taxpayers’ hard-earned money to buy the votes of other taxpayers.

While this kind of spending always leads to a bigger, more controlling government, it also deceives voters. Democrats like Polis, Griswold, and Biden are pretending they want to save (some) people money, but after Election Day, all the Democrats will go back, full force, to what they do best: taking even more of your money and wasting it on their own pet projects.

It’s time to bring balance back to Colorado and change the one party control that’s continuing this unworkable system.

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About the Author:

Kristi Burton Brown is the Chairwoman of the Colorado Republican Party. Follow her on Twitter @ColoradoKBB