CO GOP Must Get Back to Basics to Turn Titanic Toward Winning

By Casper Stockham

The CO Republican Party (CO GOP) has been losing voters and elections for several past election cycles and we are at the lowest Republican elected official win count ever recorded in this state.  Our ability to put good men and women in office has been abysmal. Clearly something needs to change. We need effective disruption within the Republican Party – break it down, analyze every facet of our operation, ensure adherence to our bylaws, and rebuild from the ground up.

This situation is why I am officially running for chair of the CO GOP. We must restore some semblance of political balance in Colorado rather than the prevailing one-party rule.

The primary issue is that the Republican Party has a Purpose, Message, and Image problem (PMI). The Purpose of the party is NOT clear. The Message of the party is NOT clear, and the Image of the party is not clear. These problems can be solved by effective and sustainable outreach 365 days a year to voters and partners over time. However, it has taken us many years to get here, and it could take many years for the party to achieve titanic change to become a relevant winning party again.

The Goal and Mission of my Stockham CRC is to win more elections by enhancing the Purpose, Message, and Image of the Republican Party. We need bold new leadership to elevate the party again to be the premiere political party in our state.

The CO Republican Party must appeal to the growing number of unaffiliated, youth and minority voters. We must use different strategies to reach and engage with these voters and win over their hearts and minds.

We are competing against a machine that has trained its voters to rely on the government for just about everything they have and do. So, we must provide better support that leaves them better off with our solutions. We must market our ideas better, thereby showing them that the left’s promise of FREE often comes with a cost that they may not have realized or are willing to pay.

We must get more Republicans to buy-in to the way forward; to believe that our new plan can work. We must show disenfranchised Republicans that they need to come back and engage again. We must make sure we are not turning people away just because they do not agree with every stance on issues that we have. Let’s remember Reagan’s 11th commandment. If they agree with us 80% of the time, they are an ally NOT an enemy.

By applying the tools and strategies laid out in my Business Plan, I believe we will be able to reverse course and bring the Colorado Republican Party back to being a viable party that is winning statewide elections again. 

We need to initiate the primary platform I am proposing: 

  • Operation O.U.S.T. Outreach, Unify, Support, Training. 
  • American S.P.A.R.K – Spark stands for System, Plan, Access, Resources and Knowledge.
  • CO GOP Freedom Corps – Is a nonprofit arm of the CO GOP that will travel around the state and provide help and support to the communities.
  • Election Transparency – We will form an Election (T) Transparency (S) Security & (I) Integrity Taskforce(TSI). This taskforce will report to the Chair and Executive Committee.
  • National GOP 2012 Growth & Opportunity Project – is a 2012 outreach plan report, commissioned by the national GOP and has step by step plans to grow the party.

We must save our state and nation from the progressive insidious influence that is destroying our families and way of life. The stakes have never been higher, and the potential returns have never been greater than RIGHT NOW. United we win; divided will be the CO GOP’s demise.

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About the Author:

Stockham is a Gulf War veteran, 100 percent unhyphenated American, loves his state and country, and is running to be the next leader of the Colorado Republican Party.

His mission is to enhance the (PMI) Purpose, Message, and Image of the CO GOP.