Classrooms, Crime, and Condiments: Rep. Titone is Wrong for House District 27

By Lynn Emrick

My name is Lynn Emrick, I am running to represent District 27 at the Colorado General Assembly, and I ask for your vote. 

When I knock on doors and listen to voters, the transcendent concerns I hear over and again are soaring crime, and the sorry state of public education—both of which are bad and getting worse. Crime statistics are worse than ever. The decay of public education and assault on parental-rights in education are alarming.

Current representative, Brianna Titone, must be knocking on different doors than I. She focuses on solutions where there are no problems, and ignores what most concerns voters. 

Rep. Titone brags on social media about an endorsement from the Colorado Education Association—Colorado’s branch of the National Education Association. The CEA/NEA are leading the attack on public schools and parental rights.

The NEA on its website refers to charter schools as a “failed experiment,” which should offend all public-education advocates in Colorado. Charter schools, which are public, tuition-free schools, serve over 130,000 Colorado children. Charter-school students are diverse, they take state assessments, and comply with all federal education laws. 

Charter schools in Colorado are not just wildly successful by all measures, they also are a critical element of parental-choice in education.  By offering varying curricular models, charters allow discerning parents to choose schools that comply with their academic goals or family’s values. 

Why does the Titone/NEA tandem want to force all families (except those fortunate enough to afford private-school tuition) into one-size-fits-all education models, and come between parent and child? 

Critical Race Theory and human-sexuality education teach value systems unharmonious with many families. These lessons are designed to socially-engineer children toward a cultural conformity which does not align with many values taught at home.

When a family’s values are at odds with the values taught at school, the Titone strategy is to force upon children the incompatible values, rather than embrace parent’s having the ability to make a different school choice.

Rep. Titone also does not care about Colorado’s crime wave, or the many victims left suffering in its wake. Colorado ranks number one in the nation in: auto theft, bank robberies, and cocaine use. In 2019, Titone added her name to a bill that lessoned penalties for fentanyl, and now, we are ranked second nationally in deaths from fentanyl overdose.

Coloradans are sick of being unsafe in our towns and cities, yet the only reference to crime on Rep. Titone’s website is a mention of her bill to protect sex workers who report crime. Of course, sex workers deserve to be safe. But so do our children.

Rep. Titone is completely out of touch with the residents of District 27. Instead of delivering on campaign promises and keeping us safe, she wants to micromanage the delivery of utensils and condiments to our doors, carried by struggling restauranteurs vying for a competitive edge.

You read that right. Rep. Titone does not care about skyrocketing property crimes and overdoses. She does not care about children’s right to safety and education. She instead cares about ensuring there aren’t too many sauces in your takeout order—she cares so much about the scourge of condiments that she brought a bill to the 2021 legislative session to correct this terrible injustice. Give me a break.

I haven’t found anyone who wants to talk about this parody-worthy issue in a serious way.

We believed Rep. Titone when she knocked on our doors and said she was a different type of politician. But the real Titone is, in fact, just another politician slinging campaign promises and lacking the ability to lead on issues Coloradans care about. 

Coloradans want promises kept. Coloradans want education, not indoctrination in public schools. Coloradans want peaceful streets, not overdoses and property destruction. 

I will work hard on these issues, and be an effective leader for District 27. My name is Lynn Emrick, and I ask for your vote.

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About the Author:

Lynn Emrick is a Republican running to represent Colorado House District 27.