Cheers Instead of Jeers

By Stephen Varela

Republicans win when we are cheerful warriors. When we gripe about divisions, the liberal media, the Broncos’ misery – all fair criticisms, mind you – more often than not, we fail.  

That’s why I’ve decided to run for Colorado Republican Party Chair. It’s time to look forward. The best way to defeat the woke, socialist Democrats who dominate our Capitol? Unite around a positive vision for Colorado’s future. I’ll offer Coloradans a new face and an optimistic alternative.

Coloradans want to be inspired. I became a Republican because I believe in the principles that unite us: freedom, limited government, fidelity to the Constitution. I believe many Coloradans will join us if we offer them an optimistic alternative. It’s time to inspire Coloradans. Cheers instead of jeers.

Our party has so much potential. Think about the differences between Democrats and Republicans. I’m proud of these contrasts. 

Just about everything the Democrat Party does nowadays is designed to punish work: higher taxes, paying people not to work, punishing regulations, unlimited welfare. As Republicans, we want to reward work.

Republicans stand for law and order and safer communities; Democrats for chaos and lawlessness.

And I believe school choice is the civil rights issue of our age. Yet Democrats, enslaved by the teachers’ unions, support policies that trap underprivileged kids in underperforming schools.

These are winning contrasts for Republicans.

As your Chair, I’ll be damned if I am going to let differences over past elections and primaries divide and distract us. When we do that, we fall right into the trap that Kyle Clark and the rest of the liberal media sets for us. How can we possibly expect to win over the hearts, minds, and votes of Colorado voters when we spend most of our time talking about our own internal divisions and complaining about the past? It’s time to move forward. 

Let’s put Colorado back on the map for the 2024 presidential election, grow our GOP congressional delegation, and restore our relevance at the State Capitol by winning legislative seats.

I look forward to introducing myself, discussing my campaign, and hearing from you in the coming weeks. I’m a combat veteran, former Democrat, family man, Pueblo community activist, conservative, and a Republican member of the Colorado Board of Education. In 2022, I came close to flipping a State Senate seat in Pueblo that hasn’t been won by a Republican in a general election since the early 20th Century. I know the challenges of uniting the party, raising money, focusing on the issues that matter to voters, and building a team.

As your Chair, I’ll put those lessons to work for the party. I will work closely with the county parties, respect the decisions of the central committee, put in place new fundraising operations to directly support our candidates, renew our focus on growing our party through voter registration efforts, reach out to non-traditional constituencies, push aside consultants who profit from our division, and work closely with our congressional and legislative leaders to take the fight to the Democrats. 

We are not doomed to a future in which we spend more time arguing amongst ourselves than in defeating Democrats. We must unite, grow our party, and look forward. 

Stay informed on my campaign, learn more about me, and identify upcoming visits to your area at my website:

Restoration and renewal of the Colorado Republican Party – indeed, for all of Colorado – starts with us. We have a great opportunity, if we offer a positive vision for Colorado and put aside the divisions and gripes. Let’s win this thing! 


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About the Author:

Stephen Varela is a candidate for Colorado Republican Party Chair.