Character is Everything

By Erik Aadland

While traveling all over Congressional District 7, many have said my last name and logo remind them of Aslan from the C.S Lewis Chronicles of Narnia series. I find this interesting due to the fact I chose the lion as my campaign logo not because of this comparison, but rather because the lion is emblematic of virtue, nobility, strength, courage, poise, and independence. 

Aslan is a beacon of hope throughout Lewis’ remarkable books. He is a voice of honesty and truth, a symbol of courage and humble leadership. Aslan stands for righteousness, peace through strength and the willingness to sacrifice for the greater good.  He exemplifies the ideal of servant-leadership to which our politicians should desire to bring to DC. 

Aslan is more than a fictional character.  When C.S. Lewis created Aslan, he created a living image of purity, goodness, and morality, a symbol of virtue we should demand be emulated in Congress. 

With so much chaos and deception overshadowing our daily lives, now is the time to send people into the fray who are committed to being beacons of light in the midst of darkness. We must send people forth who are not looking for popularity, fame or financial prosperity, but are rather looking to implement conservative change even when faced with extreme adversity. As we look to elect officials to office, character is the prime attribute we should all be evaluating as it is foundational to a person’s fitness for public service.  Character is everything.

We need humble leaders, advocates for truth and courageous trailblazers in Congress, just as Aslan was in Narnia. 

In Prince Caspian, the fourth in the Chronicles of Narnia series, Aslan states, “You doubt your value.  Don’t run from who you are.”  Our political leaders should find value in serving their constituents, not being served. I personally know my value is found in being a leading voice for freedom and conservative values that are proven by history to elevate the human spirit and make life better for all people.  

As a Congressman, I will desire to use my experience in Afghanistan to secure the border and assist law enforcement and policing operations. I want to attack mental health issues by pulling wisdom from my Masters in Depth Psychology. I will lean on my success in the Energy sector to assure Oil and Natural Gas continue to be a significant contributor to the Colorado economy. 

Although I am clearly not Aslan, or anything close to an allegory of Christ, I do hope to emulate his character and longing to do good, especially when faced with the extraordinary corruption of DC.

I will work tirelessly to live up to the ideal of Aslan, serving CD7 as a lion-like leader when I get to Congress and truly emulating his humility, strength and courage in everything I do. 

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About the Author:

Erik Aadland is a Republican running for Congress in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District.