“Zombie Drug” popping up on Colorado streets

By Duncan Luning
grayscale photo of female zombie

In a report from Fox Denver, a new drug, xylazine, has been dubbed the “zombie drug” due to its sedative effects and is starting to pop up in Colorado:

“It’s a veterinary tranquilizer with the same sedative effects as opioids. It’s cheap like fentanyl, so it’s being used to cut a lot of other drugs, most of the time without the consumer knowing at all.”

Experts claim this drug could prompt a public health crisis and mirror the fatal results seen due to fentanyl. According to a Drug Enforcement Administration study, the West has seen a 112% increase in xylazine instances. This comes after Colorado Legislation takes the first steps to introduce “safe use sites” in major cities in the state.

Read the full story on Fox Denver here.

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About the Author:

Duncan Luning is Campfire Colorado’s Capitol Correspondent. Follow him on Twitter @DuncanLuning.