We Salute You: Campfire Colorado’s 2022 GOP Primary Honorable Mentions

Campfire Colorado founder Matt Connelly, and our employee of the month for THREE STRAIGHT MONTHS, Tahoe the Golden Retriever, SALUTE these 2022 Republican primary movers and shakers:

Kristi Burton Brown – the Colorado GOP’s Chairwoman – demonstrated steady and professional management of the party throughout a wild primary season. Republicans are united and in a strong position to have historic wins in November in large part due to her leadership. 
Joe Jackson – the Colorado GOP’s Executive Director – has been one of the party’s true stars this election cycle and we haven’t even reached November. Joe’s leadership at the state party through the Assembly and last night’s primary have put Republicans in a strong position for major wins. 
Heidi Ganahl – Colorado’s next Governor – has campaigned relentlessly across our state for the last year with a determined resolve to win that we’ve not seen from a candidate in quite a long time. But what’s most impressive about Heidi is her ability to inspire her team members, lift up those around her, and then lead people to make positive change. Keep a VERY close eye on this governor’s race and look for a big upset in November. Heidi will be an amazing governor. 
Tiffany Coolidge – the Campaign Manager for Pam Anderson and Lang Sias – racked up TWO wins last night after months of hard work and adept management. That’s more wins in one night than some people get in an entire career! Way to go Tiffany!
The 76 Group – one of Colorado’s leading political firms – racked up major wins last night in Colorado’s top races. The firm is stacked with experienced politicos like Josh Penry and many up-and-coming talents who we expect to be household names in Colorado politics in the very near future.  
Patrick Davis – Erik Aadland’s General Consultant – delivered one of the night’s biggest upset wins. Only a few months ago, Erik was a relative unknown to the Colorado political world and now he’s the nominee in CD-7 and very well could be Colorado’s next Congressman. Aadland himself may be the most determined grassroots campaigner we’ve seen in quite a long time. Kudos to the entire team. 
Barbara Kirkmeyer – Colorado’s next Congresswoman – ran a professional and focused primary campaign that has put her in an amazing position to win in November. We’ve watched Barb for years on the political scene, throughout this primary campaign, and just watched her crush an interview on KDVR this morning. She will be a force to be reckoned with in this campaign and happens to be facing one of Colorado’s foremost radicals in Yadira Caraveo. 
Kyle Kohli – Executive Director of Compass Colorado – has pursued the case against Colorado’s radical liberal extremists relentlessly while Republicans sorted out our nominees in the primaries. Candidates in races across the board will face weakened Democrat nominees thanks to Kyle’s determined – and often hilarious – lampooning of these radicals. 

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