University of Northern Colorado passing out thousands of fentanyl test strips to students

By Matt Connelly
Lines of coke (it is baking powder for the record)

The University of Northern Colorado is in the process of handing out thousands of fentanyl test kits to students in an effort to prevent overdose deaths. 

According to CBS Colorado, “The University of Northern Colorado has partnered with the Weld County Health Department to distribute thousands of fentanyl testing kits to students when needed.”

UNC assistant vice president for wellness and support, John Hancock, confirmed to CBS Colorado that “UNC has already handed out hundreds of tests to students who have requested them.”

CBS Colorado also reports that, “UNC has not had a student death related to fentanyl overdose in recent years. However, Weld County and the rest of Colorado have seen many deaths as a result of the deadly drug.”

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