Top 5 things to watch in Colorado on Election Day

By Matt Connelly
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Campfire Colorado has spent the last eight months out on the campaign trail in Colorado with Republican candidates and – most importantly – with the PEOPLE of Colorado.

Here are the top 5 things on our mind heading into election night in Colorado:

  1. When are ballots fully counted? We talked with the Arapahoe County Clerk’s office yesterday and were told that they will report their last results at 11:30 PM on election night and do not expect to count all the votes by that time. If races are tight at the close of the night, and then shift dramatically the following day, look for either side of the political aisle to cry foul if they are on the losing end. Heavy voting in the last two days should favor Republicans and we expect a lot of Republican votes from the base to come home late.
  2. Attorney General and Treasurer’s race. Democrats have heavily outspent Republicans in almost every race across the state, but if there were two races most likely to flip despite the spending imbalance it would be the Attorney General and Treasurer’s race. Coloradans are clearly upset with the direction of the economy and skyrocketing crime. These two races are as close to a referendum on those issues you will find on the ballot. Expect a win in one – or both races – for the GOP. 
  3. Secretary of State’s race. On the flip side of this referendum equation is the Secretary of State’s race in Colorado. Republican Pam Anderson is clearly the better candidate and would be a competent administrator for Colorado’s elections. She has graced the cover of Time Magazine and earned endorsements that demonstrate she would be a nonpartisan professional. At the same time, she faces headwinds from voters who have been convinced by the liberal media that Republicans can’t be trusted on elections. If this race is a referendum on which party Colorado voters generally trust on elections, can the strength of Pam’s candidacy and message overcome the baked in disadvantage on the issue? We’ll find out tonight…or tomorrow…hopefully. 
  4. How will O’Dea and Ganahl’s different strategies play out? Joe O’Dea has taken positions at odds with conservative orthodoxy throughout the campaign in an attempt to move unaffiliated voters to his campaign. While the move plays to his advantage with Unaffiliated voters, it does have the potential to turn off portions of the Republican base. Heidi Ganahl has run a more traditional campaign focused on securing and maintaining the base of the party while attempting to persuade Unaffiliated voters to move her way on the issues of crime, the economy, and education. How will these two strategies affect vote totals for O’Dea and Ganahl tonight? Will Republicans support O’Dea at the same level as Ganahl, or will there be a drop off in support? Will Unaffiliated voters throw their support to O’Dea while simultaneously voting for Jared Polis? Will it make any difference at all? We’ll find out tonight…or tomorrow…hopefully.
  5. Liberal media exaggerations. Colorado’s liberal media are an arm of the Democratic Party and will do anything to pump up their friends Jared Polis and Michael Bennet. If statewide Democrats win tonight in a state that Joe Biden won by double digits in 2020, look for grand proclamations about how Polis and Bennet singlehandedly defeated the Red Wave by pure force of will and character. That’s a total joke, they’ve both demonstrated they are horrible candidates who owe their successes to money and running in a state with a built-in advantage for Democrats. Jared Polis particularly has shown in this campaign he doesn’t have the chops to run for President. Michael Bennet already showed that in 2020. No matter, the sycophants in the liberal media have a vested interest in promoting their friends and will be floating them as the future of the party by Thursday if they win.

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.