Three victories for Republicans in the Colorado Legislature

By Duncan Luning

On Monday, three Republican sponsored bills passed the committee stage of the Colorado Legislature. Two of which, are sponsored by the House Minority Whip, Rep. Richard Holtorf (R). 

The first of these three bills is SB-152, “Sunset Continue Custom Processing Meat Animals”. This bill would both repeal obsolete provisions of the “Custom Processing of Meat Animals Act” of 2022, and continue the act for nine years. In a statement from the primary bill sponsor, Rep. Holtorf said “This bill makes sure that CDA can ensure that our local meat supply is safe to eat by continuing to regulate the local custom meat processing industry.” He continued, “This bill supports small businesses, and helps to maintain industry standards across our rural communities.” SB-152 passed the House Agriculture, Water & Natural Resources committee in a unanimous vote of 13-0.

The second bill that passed on Monday is HB-1220, “Study Republican River Groundwater Economic Impact”. According to the language of this bull, HB-1220 requires Colorado State University to study the economic effects of “the forced elimination of groundwater withdrawals within and surrounding the Colorado portion of the Republican river basin.” In another statement from Rep. Holtorf, “The long term goal is to guarantee economic vitality in Eastern Colorado and with our neighbors in Nebraska and Kansas for decades to come and this economic study will frame the conversation as we move forward.” This bill also passed the House Agriculture, Water & Natural Resources committee in a unanimous vote of 13-0.

One month ago, Democrats voted down a bill sponsored by Rep. Rose Pugliese (R) that would have repealed delivery fees altogether. On Monday, Rep. Matt Soper (R) introduced SB-143, a bill similar to that of Rep. Pugliese. “Retail Delivery Fees” would allow the retailer to pay the retail delivery fee on behalf of the customer, as opposed to the customer being required to pay it. SB-143 passed the House Finance committee in a unanimous vote of 11-0 and will advance to Appropriations. 

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About the Author:

Duncan is Campfire Colorado’s Capitol Correspondent.