Summer Road Trip Across Colorado with Scott Presler

By Brita Horn

I know. Who would have thought?

Brita Horn and Scott Presler spending 9 days crisscrossing the great State of Colorado to motivate volunteers to engage with their candidates for the Republican Primary this week.

Scott Presler, AKA The Persistence is a well-known national speaker for voter integrity and training volunteers how to recruit and promote new Republicans to donate time and treasure to their candidates that they want to represent them in office. Check out his Twitter account @ScottPresler with over 1.1 million followers! His bio says it all,” I helped defeat Hillary & organized the Baltimore cleanup. Not stopping for a gosh dang second.” We did not stop for a second across Colorado.

Well, there is more to his bio too. Scott Presler was an Eagle Scout, took action to clean up “Democrat Hellholes” and now can be found at gas stations across the country to urge Americans to are sick of the high gas prices to vote Republican. Scott was even in Longmont last week at a local grocery store and gas station with the Boulder County Republicans that followed up their morning volunteer training with action. Scott was more than happy to join in and recruiting new republicans. 

The posters were many and the best one? “Polis is a pain in the gas!’

The week and half had Scott speaking as soon as he landed in Colorado at a private function for Maggie’s List ( supporters and candidates to get a more one-on-one interaction. There were a few more events with CD, County and woman groups before Scott spoke for 16 minutes pre-opening for Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the Larimer County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner. The crowd of over 500 gave Scott multiple standing ovations. Purely a hit and engaged the room into action. 

With only one day off, Scott was headed to Grand Junction, Rifle and Avon for more events on the Western Slope. Scott was non-stop in training how to door knock, call voters or talk to neighbors about your candidate and recruit new republicans. 

Let’s run the numbers. 

15 events, over 1000 attendees and we traveled 1128 miles. From Ft. Collins to Monument and JeffCo to Grand Junction. Every attendee was excited to see Scott, visit with him, learn from his teaching and even taking pictures with him. Scott definitely put the fire into Colorado during his visit. 

I would say, a good time was had by all. 

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About the Author:

Brita Horn is a Fire Chief in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. With her many hats of serving her community far and wide, many know her as a High Energy Fireball and a Trail Blazer for women. If you want to know more about Brita’s adventures, please visit her website at, where you can sign up to receive an email and update of what fire Brita is putting out next.