Senator Tim Scott: Joe O’Dea will win Colorado and deliver Republicans the Senate majority

By Matt Connelly

At a campaign stop for Republican Joe O’Dea on Friday, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) predicted O’Dea will defeat Senator Michael Bennet and deliver Republicans a new majority in the United States Senate.

“Joe O’Dea is gonna win. I’m excited about that. He is a fourth-generation Coloradan who understands what it means to represent the state,” Senator Scott told Campfire Colorado in an interview after he rallied O’Dea supporters in Greenwood Village, Colorado. 

The two Republicans teamed up earlier in the day to hold an education roundtable event focused on school choice and uniting voters behind O’Dea’s message of results-oriented pragmatism. 

Senator Scott is widely seen as a star in the Republican Party and his presence on the campaign trail clearly signifies national Republicans are focused on victory in Colorado. 

In our interview with Senator Scott, he also emphasized that Colorado is a key piece in the national strategy for Republicans to retake the United States Senate.  

“I think we win the majority by winning Colorado, so this is a good day to be a Joe O’Dea fan because bottom line is he’s going to win and we’re going to have the majority,” Scott confidently declared when asked how Joe O’Dea’s race fits into the national Senate landscape for Republicans. 

Senator Scott’s confidence may also soon be backed by major spending from nation Republican groups such as Senate Leadership Fund, according to comments made by Scott to the Colorado Sun.

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.