Senator Michael Bennet Is A Bad Candidate Running A Bad Campaign

By Matt Connelly

Senator Michael Bennet is a bad candidate and he’s running a very bad campaign. 

Bennet has launched two ads in the last few weeks, and within hours of each ad being launched, Republican nominee Joe O’Dea’s campaign has had an attack ad up using Bennet’s own ad against him. 

The most recent example occurred yesterday when Bennet launched yet another ad featuring him in the wilderness pretending to be a Coloradan. Putting the absurd notion that Michael Bennet is some type of outdoorsman aside, the ad prominently features the phrase, “We all know what happens when a senator goes to Washington.”

Obviously, the O’Dea campaign saw that softball for what it was and was primed to take a swing at Bennet on any number of issues contained in his failed record in Washington. 

But Team O’Dea only had to wait a few minutes for Bennet to toss yet another softball over the plate. 

In an interview on Bloomberg a few minutes after the rollout of his second bizarre ad, Bennet admitted that he makes investments based on legislation being negotiated in the Senate. 

“I’m not buying or selling any stocks based on [the reconciliation bill] because we don’t know where Sen. Sinema is going to be,” Senator Bennet said. 


It didn’t take long for the O’Dea campaign to capitalize on this sleazy admission from Bennet with an ad of their own.

It’s not the first time the O’Dea campaign has been able to immediately rub Bennet’s own words in his face within hours of an ad being launched. 

When Bennet launched his first ad of the campaign a few days ago promising to ban members of Congress from becoming lobbyists, Team O’Dea had an ad up later that afternoon reminding Coloradans that Bennet has been making this promise since…2010.

In fact, Bennet hasn’t really accomplished much at all during his time in his hometown of Washington, DC.

Senator Bennet hasn’t faced a difficult reelection campaign in years and he’s demonstrating why he performed so poorly during his presidential campaign: he’s a bad candidate. 

Look no further than this description of a Bennet presidential event in New Hampshire from Politico:

In one 45-minute stretch at a recent town hall, Bennet swung his hands so wildly while making a point that he hit a woman in the leg, he tripped over a stool holding his water, and he nearly tangled himself in a microphone cord while trying to take off his sport coat.

Not only is he a bad candidate, but he’s also running a bad campaign for reelection in a year where Joe Biden is reaching historic levels of unpopularity. That’s a recipe for disaster and we can’t wait to watch the whole train wreck unfold. 

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.