Second Amendment under fire by Colorado liberals introducing four new gun control bills

By Duncan Luning
black semi automatic pistol on black textile

On February 23, Colorado House and Senate Democrats introduced not one, not two, not three, but four bills that would restrict the Constitutional right to bear arms. This package includes bills that would widen “red flag” laws, raise the age to buy any firearm to 21, implement a three-day waiting period, and even allow the ability to sue gun manufacturers.

These bills were introduced in a press conference in which Democrat leaders claimed these unconstitutional laws would help in community safety and cut down on gun violence. To which House Minority Leader Mike Lynch (R) said all these laws would do is turn law-abiding citizens into criminals.

In a statement Rep. Lynch released following the press conference, he said “We Republicans are the only ones that are standing between these ongoing legislative assaults on Coloradans abilities to protect themselves, their families, and their homes.  The radical members of the Democrat caucus have taken advantage of their super majority to push through an anti-constitution, anti-freedom, and anti-Colorado agenda.”

Rep. Lynch also mentioned that these laws would most likely not be enforced in rural areas of Colorado. Illinois recently passed an assault weapons ban. Following this, several counties did exactly what Rep. Lynch predicted would happen in Colorado, they informed their residents the law will not be enforced. 

Rep. Lynch also stated that he and fellow Republicans will fight as vigorously as possible against these bills. 

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About the Author:

Duncan Luning is Campfire Colorado’s Capitol Correspondent. Follow him on Twitter @DuncanLuning.