Scam Watch: Shorter Yellow Lights at Colorado Red-Light Camera Intersections

By Matt Connelly

Red light cameras are a total scam, and it looks like Colorado Springs is becoming scam-central.

Campfire Colorado recently alerted readers that one new red-light camera was going up at an intersection in Colorado Springs and would be ticketing violators $75. 

That’s a total scam.

Now, according to KOAA News in Colorado Springs, shorter yellow lights have been found at some red-light camera intersections in the city:

The NMAF suggests drivers have a minimum of a 5-second yellow light based on that speed limit.

The City has both yellow lights timed at 4 seconds, according to city data obtained under the Colorado Open Records Act.

You may be wondering whether a 1 second difference has any real impact? We asked the NMAF that question.

“If it’s just one second more it makes a huge difference,” Dunn explained. “In many communities, it’s even shown that when they increase the yellow light, there doesn’t need to be cameras anymore.”

As we’ve said before, Campfire Colorado is a conservative voice for the PEOPLE – and if there’s one scam that we 100% oppose, it’s the further installation of red-light cameras across Colorado.

Technology is an important tool in the fight against crime and against terrorism but increasing the size of Colorado’s surveillance state with red-light cameras to further drain taxpayers’ wallets is totally unacceptable.

Tip of the hat to AFP’s Jesse Mallory for being the first to flag this story on Twitter:

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.