RTD to offer free rides for two months this summer as homeowner details riders defecating in her yard, urinating on her fence

By Matt Connelly
person sitting beside building looking straight to the street at golden hour

RTD will be offering free rides for two entire months this summer as part of their “Zero Fare for Better Air” program, but how will the expanded program impact safety issues on public transportation and will it simply serve to shuttle the homeless population across metro Denver?

One Denverite has concerns about RTD’s safety management and the program hasn’t even started. 

According to a new story from Fox Denver, Gwendolyn Kasnoff is “fighting for her safety living next to an RTD bus stop that she said has become a nightmare.”

“They urinated on my fence, they defecate in my yard. This isn’t how people are supposed to live in Denver,” Kasnoff told Fox Denver. 

CBS Denver also has a story up today noting how homelessness from Denver is being pushed out into the Colorado foothills and Denver suburbs. 

The story highlights Kari Vernon and her boyfriend, who made their home in an RTD lot next to a power outlet. 

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About the Author:

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