RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Senator Rick Scott rally voters in Thornton

The November 8 midterm elections are just around the corner, and Republicans are looking to close strong with big wins in Colorado. Showcasing just how important this election is and how close the races for Governor, Senate, and CO-08 are, RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel and NRSC Chair and Florida Senator Rick Scott hosted a rally to boost Colorado candidates Heidi Ganahl, Joe O’Dea and Barbara Kirkmeyer on Sunday. 

The rally was held at the RNC Hispanic Community Center in Thornton with 60 fired-up voters who were ready to retire Jared Polis and Michael Bennet and send Yadira Caraveo packing. The excitement in the room was palpable and as Coloradans begin heading to the polls this week, Republicans are on the cusp of taking the Centennial State in a new direction.

McDaniel and Scott have been traveling the country to key states for their “Take Back our Country Tour” to rally with candidates and meet with voters ahead of the upcoming midterms. Thornton voters heard from Republican leaders about the need to secure our border to stop the flow of deadly fentanyl, get tough on crime, reduce inflation, and restore American energy independence.

During his speech, Senator Rick Scott singled out Michael Bennet for his failures, saying:  “Michael Bennet voted for policies that resulted in historic inflation and has been a rubber stamp for Joe Biden. Colorado needs a fighter like Joe O’Dea, who will stand up to the Biden agenda, reduce frivolous spending, restore energy independence, and support our law enforcement.”

Chairwoman McDaniel stressed the importance of the upcoming election and what it means for our country and pointed out that Democrats aren’t focused on the issues voters care about, because they are the ones who created the problems. “Democrats are distracting from the real issues people are facing because they cannot run on their record of failure. This is our moment to take back Colorado and take back our country so we can secure our border, reduce inflation and help hardworking Colorado families,” said McDaniel.

In a heartfelt moment during the event, Scott presented Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown with the “Champion of Freedom” award for her tireless work to elect Republicans up and down the ballot across Colorado. Burton Brown wiped back a few tears as she thanked Senator Scott for the award.

Heidi Ganahl, who has mounted a strong campaign to defeat Jared Polis and has torched the failed governor in three debates, focused on the contrast between her and her opponent: “Under Jared Polis, Colorado has become more dangerous, more expensive, and higher taxed. When I am governor, we will restore law and order, reduce the size of government, and put more money back in your pocket by eliminating the income tax in eight years.” 

With Joe Biden’s policies hurting Colorado families and Michael Bennet voting with the president 98% of the time, Joe O’Dea pointed out the obvious: it’s time to retire Michael Bennet and reverse his destructive policies. “Michael Bennet has never stood up to Joe Biden, and Coloradans are worse off as a result. Bennet was the deciding vote on the reckless $1.9 trillion Biden stimulus that’s unleashed record inflation on working Americans, and he’s done nothing to hold Biden accountable for the humanitarian crisis at the southern border. Deadly fentanyl is being shipped straight up I-25, and it’s killing our kids. We need real leadership in the Senate to address these crises.”

In the race for Colorado’s new 8th congressional district, State Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer is currently leading far-left Democrat Yadira Caraveo in recent polls and is looking to close out the race with a win in the final days. Kirkmeyer called out Caraveo’s inexplicable letter to President Biden, urging him to defund ICE and border patrol. Just this week, the Biden administration released new numbers from the border showing a historic crisis that has seen over 2.3 million encounters with illegal immigrants and 599,000 “gotaways.” Kirkmeyer called out Caraveo: “We have a crisis at our southern border that has allowed drugs to pour into our communities, devastating Colorado. Yadira Caraveo called for defunding ICE and border patrol and does not defend our law enforcement. It’s time to secure our border, support our law enforcement, and take back the gavel from Nancy Pelosi for good.”

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