Republican women in Colorado tried to pass a bill to protect women in sports, but Democratic men killed it in committee

By Duncan Luning

Rep Lisa Frizell (R) and Rep. Brandi Bradley (R) sponsored House Bill 1098, “Women’s Rights In Athletics”. This bill would require “any intercollegiate, interscholastic, intramural, or club athletic team, sport, or athletic event to be designated as one of the following, based on the biological sex at birth of the participating students: Male, female, or coeducational.” According to the language of this bill, it aims to protect women in sports. By not allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports, it allows women to succeed on a fair playing field.

In her opening statement in the State, Civic, Military, & Veteran Affairs committee, Rep Frizell stated that, “it’s really critical to communicate that his is not an anti-transgender bill. This is a bill about fairness, and women being able to compete on sports in a level playing field safely and successfully.”

According to the sponsor of the bill, HB 1098 is not an uncommon piece of legislation. It is not something that has been shut down immediately by the masses. In fact, 18 states have already passed rules similar to this bill that protects women’s rights. 

We have seen cases where these rights have been infringed upon. Take Chelsea Mitchell for example. In high school, she was one of the highest ranked track runners in the state of Connecticut. She was even dubbed “the fastest girl in Connecticut” by the Collinsville Press. That was, until Mitchell lost 4 girls state championships due to biological males participating. “Fast as I am, I can’t outrun those advantages. Or the injustice that protects them.” Mitchell said.

Similar stories to this have been observe. Such as Ashely Nicoletti, who missed the opportunity to compete at the 2019 outdoor state championship due to two biological males, and Selina Soule, who missed state championship qualifying in a race with two biological males.

Rep. Bradley passionately closed by stating “I listened to many testimonies on inclusion of biological males in women’s sports because of their mental health and bullying issues. What about the mental health of women? Women are also committing suicide. Do we not care about their mental health?”

House Bill 1098 lost in the Colorado State, Civic, Military, & Veteran Affairs committee in an 8-3 vote. Five of the Democrats responsible for killing the bill were men. 

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About the Author:

Duncan Luning is Campfire Colorado’s Capitol Correspondent. Follow him on Twitter @DuncanLuning.