Progressive Insurance says it has restricted offering coverage in Denver due to auto theft

By Matt Connelly
red bmw m 3 on road during daytime

Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies have made Colorado number one in the nation when it comes to auto theft and now Progressive Insurance says its restricting coverage in the Denver area.

According to a report in ABC7, Progressive will restrict coverage on new policies for Hyundai and Kia owners in the Denver area due to auto thefts:

Progressive Insurance said it has restricted offering coverage on new policies in the Denver area on certain models of the Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia because of the alarming rate by which these vehicles are getting stolen in the Denver area.

Progressive did not provide specific details on these new restrictions, including years or models impacted.

Denver Hyundai and Kia owners are also seeing an increase in premiums from insurance companies.

Colorado’s Democratic Attorney General Phil Weiser recently said that only after someone steals “three or four cars” within “say three months,” then it’s time for them to face consequences.

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