Politicians gearing up to load Colorado’s streets with robots issuing speeding tickets

By Matt Connelly

The politicians at Colorado’s state capitol are apparently getting ready to consider legislation next year that could load up Colorado’s streets with more photo radar vans to take money from Coloradans and fund their pet projects. 

According to the liberal news bros over at 9News, “The Transportation Legislation Review Committee discussed photo radar changes as a potential bill for next year’s legislative session.”

The report also highlights the current debate in Aurora on the subject and the divergence between Mayor Mike Coffman, who supported the Aurora pilot of the program, and City Council Member Dustin Zvonek who is skeptical of expansion and wants any changes to be put in front of the PEOPLE for a vote.

Campfire Colorado is a conservative voice for the PEOPLE – and if there’s one SCAM that we 100% oppose, it’s the further installation of red-light cameras and photo radar vans across Colorado.

Tip of the hat to Councilmember Zvonek for standing strong against robots issuing speeding tickets. 

Technology is an important tool in the fight against crime and against terrorism but increasing the size of Colorado’s surveillance state with red-light cameras or photo radar vans to further drain taxpayers’ wallets is totally unacceptable.

We’ll gladly highlight any efforts – from conservatives or liberals – to push back against Colorado’s surveillance state in cases where it negatively impacts Coloradans’ privacy, our constitutional rights, or unfairly targets our wallets with problematic technology.  

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.