O’Dea Launches “The Real Ron Hanks” Campaign

By Matt Connelly
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The campaign for Republican candidate for United States Senate, Joe O’Dea, launched a website and radio advertisement highlighting the real record of Ron Hanks at the end of last week. 

O’Dea is running to replace incumbent Democratic Senator Michael Bennet and faces state Representative Ron Hanks in the Republican primary set for June 28.

O’Dea’s radio ad, “The Real Ron,” says his Republican primary opponent “is just another politician” who, when running for Congress in California, said “abortion should be allowed in cases when a medical expert says so.”

“Ron Hanks has changed a lot more than just his name. The real Ron Hanks is a politician blowing in the wind,” the ad continued.

The website, www.therealronhanks.com, contrasts Ron Hanks’ policy positions from his 2010 congressional campaign in California to his policy positions today in Colorado. 

According to the website, Hanks “supported state and private sector unions, gun restrictions, abortion rights under several circumstances, and opposed mandatory term limits for Members of Congress.”

“Not only does this guy have no shot against Bennet, but now we find out he’s a typical politician,” said former State Senator Greg Brophy. “Hanks is a political circus routine, not a leader. Conservatives who are serious about stopping Biden and taking back the Senate from Schumer should run from Ron Hanks.”

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Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.