New poll shows Kellner tied with Weiser in AG race

By Matt Connelly

The good news continues for Colorado Republicans and the bad news won’t stop piling up for Colorado Democrats.

A poll commissioned by the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) was released yesterday to the Washington Examiner and shows that 18th Judicial District Attorney John Kellner is TIED with current Democrat Attorney General Phil Weiser.

The poll from respected pollster Dave Sackett showed both Kellner and Weiser polling 44 percent of the vote, with 12 percent still undecided.

This poll also showed GOP Senate candidate Joe O’Dea down 1 point to do-nothing Senator Michael Bennet.

Clearly, Phil Weiser’s record of more crime, more car thefts, and more drug overdoses isn’t resonating with Coloradans.

Last month, Weiser stated that he would only do something about car thefts after someone has stolen “three or four cars” within “say three months.” Colorado currently ranks number one for car thefts in the nation.

The poll conducted by Tarrance Group and Dave Sackett shows that Republicans are in a position to retake Colorado in November just two years after Biden won by 13 points in the state.

It’s no wonder that Weiser and Bennet are afraid to commit to debates with their GOP opponents.

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.