New group forming to give Colorado’s magical mushroom ballot measure a very bad trip

By Matt Connelly

A new group called “Protect Colorado’s Kids” was formed today to oppose a 2022 ballot measure to legalize magical mushrooms and several other psychedelics in Colorado.

Luke Niforatos, CEO of Protect Our Kids, a national parent-led organization formed to promote policies which reduce drug use and addiction, filed paperwork with the Colorado Secretary of State to form the opposition committee called “Protect Colorado’s Kids,” to Initiative 58, the “Natural Medicine Health Act,” which would legalize and commercialize psychedelics.

“We are getting high enough in Colorado; the last thing our next generation needs is more drugs being sold by big industry profiteers,” said Luke Niforatos, the head of the new organization.

“Most Coloradans agree that we’re only just beginning to understand how our experiment with marijuana is playing out, and we need to follow the science and proceed with more caution when it comes to taking radical steps like this initiative is proposing. Amidst a mental health crisis, we need policies which help our youth and the general public. A new experiment with drugs that we are only beginning to understand is the wrong direction right now.”

Protect Colorado’s Kids rolled out a new website this morning that features their top three reasons to vote against Initiative 58:

  1. We don’t need more drugs sold in our communities, with easier access for our children.
  2. Initiative 58 allows for commercial sales and advertising of psychedelic drugs. The psychedelic industry is backed by Big Pharma and the usual cast of addiction-for-profit characters harming our communities.
  3. Leading scientific authorities like the American Psychiatric Association think this is not the time to experiment so openly with these drugs. 

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.