NEW AD: Welcome to Jared Polis’s Colorado…where people are dying in the streets

By Matt Connelly

The group behind the viral anti-polis ad that aired in mid-September during Monday Night Football is out with a new ad and Campfire Colorado has the EXCLUSIVE scoop!

Restore the Rockies new ad highlights what Colorado has become under Governor Jared Polis’s leadership and – as we all know – it’s not pretty. 

Needles, feces, urine, litter are highlighted in the ad that is narrated exclusively by local news reports showcasing Colorado’s decay during Polis’s time in office. 

The group says the new ad will counter “the rosy narrative that Jared Polis has been attempting to create with his current $7 million ad blitz.”

“Recent ads released by Polis have featured cherry-picked news sound bites, attempting to convince voters that his policies have benefited the people of Colorado,” Restore the Rockies told Campfire Colorado.

“There’s the Polis narrative and then there’s reality,” said a Restore the Rockies representative. “If you watch the local news and see what’s actually going on in our state, it’s clear we are now living in a very dangerous place thanks to Polis and his policies.”

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.