Michael Uterus

By Matt Connelly

(Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall, Creative Commons License)

If Senator Michael Bennet wasn’t so focused on trying to cancel American history, he might take a few minutes to learn from it.

Exhibit A: In 2014, Bennet’s former colleague Senator Mark Udall ran a reelection campaign focused on abortion and not only lost that race to Cory Gardner but became known in the process as “Mark Uterus” for his ridiculous abortion promoting campaign. 

Fast forward to 2022 and Senator Michael Bennet seems to be gearing up to repeat history. 

Appearing on MSNBC yesterday, the radical pro-abortion Senator who believes in zero restrictions on abortion, was cheerleading for abortions on demand. 

In fact, he even threw his support behind the wildly radical pro-abortion law passed in Colorado a few weeks back.

It seems that things have gotten so bad for Michael Bennet’s prospects in Colorado that he’s chosen to repeat history: welcome to the race Michael Uterus!

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