Man Attempts to Light Two Men on Fire at Aurora Gas Station

By Matt Connelly

A man attempted to light two other men on fire at a Phillips 66 gas station in Aurora on July 23 in what appears to be a random crime. 

In surveillance video, the suspect grabs the gas pump and sprays one of the men he is targeting with gasoline. Police also tell news outlets the man was looking for a lighter to light the two men on fire. 

According to multiple media reports, the suspect was yelling biased statements at the two men that they, “weren’t welcome here – your kind is not wanted here – get out of here.”

KDVR News has more details on the incident:

There was a confrontation outside and police said he sprayed the two men with gasoline.

On surveillance video, you can see the suspect grab the nozzle and spray one of the men.

Police say the suspect was looking for a lighter to start a blaze and then the victim was seen glancing at his soaked shirt.

“He was wearing an orange shirt and you could tell from the stains all over his stomach there was gasoline all over his shirt,” clerk Chris Martinez said.

The suspect can be seen throwing a rock through the back window of the victim’s car.

The two victims allegedly have no idea why this started.

“They told me that they were confused because they just pulled up to the store. When they pulled up, the guy was already telling them something,” Martinez said.

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.