Liberal Funded Fake News Website Falsely Attacks Joe O’Dea

By Matt Connelly

A web of well-funded Democratic interest groups really don’t want Joe O’Dea to be the Republican nominee in the race against Michael Bennet for the United States Senate. And it looks like they are willing to throw the kitchen sink at O’Dea to try and stop his upstart candidacy. 

“This is what the Democrats did to George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Donald J. Trump. It’s what they did to Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett,” said O’Dea campaign aide Quinn Evans. “They are pure sleaze. But Joe’s fought his whole life. We knew this was coming. He’s ready for the fight.”

Liberal groups are spending nearly $2 million on television advertisements, nearly $500,000 on digital ads, and hundreds of thousands more on direct mail to promote O’Dea’s opponent, Ron Hanks. Those types of numbers mirror what you would normally see in something like a presidential race, not meddling in another party’s primary. Liberals must be truly scared of facing O’Dea in the fall.

Over the weekend, direct mail from an anonymous group suggesting Joe O’Dea doesn’t support gun rights landed in mailboxes across Colorado.

The attack is not true — O’Dea is endorsed by the Colorado chapter of the National Rifle Association, who said the construction CEO “is a proven leader, not a flip-flopping politician. He will support the 2nd Amendment.”

POLITICO suggested the anti-O’Dea money could be coming from allies of the Democrats’ Senate Majority PAC—an ally of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The PAC declined to comment.

This morning, Democratic groups opened up a new front: they began attacking O’Dea’s company, Concrete Express, Inc.

The liberal activist website Colorado Newsline published a story titled, “Senate candidate Joe O’Dea settled age, disability discrimination lawsuit with ex-employee in 2021”

Axios recently reported that Colorado Newsline “is funded by organizations that back Democratic causes.”

The author of the piece, perennial anti fracking activist and grown adult who Live Action Role Plays (LARP) as a “journalist” at the liberal funded Colorado Newsline, Chase Woodruff, suggested Concrete Express, Inc. acted improperly toward a former employer leading to an age and disability discrimination lawsuit.

Woodruff writes O’Dea’s company were telling employees not to file workers’ compensation claims and letting go older workers to bring insurance premiums down.

Concrete Express rejected the assertion. “These attacks are absolutely false. Joe’s opponents, who have been shopping this story for many months, cannot waive confidentiality of the settlement agreement on behalf of the other party, but if she would like to, we are happy to describe the facts and circumstances which show CEI handled the situation ethically and professionally,” said Concrete Express’ counsel, Aldo Delpiccolo.

Fermín “Fed” Chavaria, the head of human resources and safety for Concrete Express added, “Joe has a genuine concern for the well-being of all his employees and has demonstrated this time and time again through job creation, generous employees benefits and compensation. Most importantly, he has cultivated an environment that has led to loyalty, commitment, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

Fed added, “CEI is a great Colorado company, an employer of choice, and a lot employees working here support Joe because he cares and knows how to make a difference.”

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.