Liberal Denver TV anchor says crime isn’t a problem on-air while fellow journalist literally dodges bullets at a softball game

By Matt Connelly

(Liberal activist Kyle Clark)

A liberal television anchor named Kyle Clark who works at 9News in Denver took to the airwaves Wednesday night to declare that FBI crime statistics showing an increase in crime in Colorado do not mean that crime is actually a problem in Colorado:

At around the same time this reality-denying scene was playing out on-air, a fellow Denver journalist named Jesse Aaron Paul tweeted that he was literally dodging bullets on a softball field in Denver. 

Kyle Clark is a longtime crime-denier who has sought to downplay the impact of crime on Colorado’s citizens to protect his pals in Colorado’s Democratic Party. 

The problem, of course, is that crime is up in Colorado according to the very statistics cited in his report and according to the shootings, thefts, and overdoses that play out across the state daily. 

Make no mistake – this piece of liberal propaganda by Clark and 9News may be the most out-of-touch piece of “news” ever to grace Denver’s airwaves.

recent study ranked Denver as one of the nation’s least safe cities, the state is number one in auto-theft,  and the Gazette recently said the state was facing, “an unprecedented crime wave.”

Additionally, a recent report released on October 3rd  by the Common Sense Institute has an in-depth look at the rise in crime in Colorado.

A separate story on 9News’ own website that was published this morning details the rise in domestic violence among young people in Colorado.

“This is the highest number of young people that have come forward to report domestic violence that I have seen in the last number of years. And what is particularly concerning for me about victims who are under the age of 25 is often those survivors have children, have very young children, or are pregnant,” Abby Hansen, Chief Program Officer at Safehouse Denver, told 9News in the story.

Another story over on KDVR News details the pain of a mother who lost her son earlier this week in a shooting at a house party in Adams County Colorado.

“I want to ask for help. Whoever knows who did it, please go to the sheriff and tell them, because the person who did it has to be in jail,” said the mother. “This time it was my son, next time we don’t know who, it could be your son, anybody. Please say something,” the mother told KDVR News.

Kyle Clark’s attempts to cover for the Democratic Party by minimizing crime statistics and his decision to mock victims of crime, and those concerned about their safety, is downright disgusting.

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.