Liberal Denver Post’s editorial board silenced by owners

By Matt Connelly
Business newspaper article

The liberal Denver Post has been informed by corporate HQ that they can no longer endorse radical liberals in certain races and the liberal media groupies in Colorado are FREAKING OUT. 

According to a report in the New York Times, the Denver Post will no longer be allowed to endorse their radical liberal candidates in races for the United States Senate, governor, or the presidency. 

The policy will go into effect after this election cycle since the Denver Post already started endorsing candidates – including the wife of their former contributor Ian Silverii in Colorado’s 7th congressional district. 

The Denver Post has long been an arm of the Democratic Party both on its editorial pages and in their “reporting” from “journalists”. 

Campfire Colorado readers will remember the paper raised money for abortions in one of their “articles” back in May of this year. 

In response to a tweet from Campfire Colorado calling out the Denver Post for being an arm for the Democratic Party, Megan Schrader, the editor of the Denver Post, confirmed our suspicions once-and-for-all by saying “I realize that President Donald Trump has convinced you two that I am the enemy of the American people, but I’m just a woman who grew up in the Catholic Church in Grand Junction being taught by conservative parents that I shouldn’t let men like you bully me or push me around.”

As would be expected, Colorado’s liberal media groupies spent most of last night and this morning FREAKING OUT that they will no longer have the Denver Post to run cover for their radical candidates. A reporter from the Colorado Sun named Jesse Aaron Paul even joined the conversation by agreeing with Schrader’s take that criticism of her job as the editor of the Denver Post’s editorial page could only be due to inspiration by President Donald Trump and of course being a man – and a conservative man at that! Gasp!

It could in no way have to do with the fact that the Denver Post’s editorial pages are explicitly liberal.

One man named Scott Wasserman from an organization called the Bell Policy Center even said that the Denver Post was an “essential Democratic institution” and said that Campfire Colorado was “opposed to democracy” for calling the Denver Post an arm of the Democratic Party. 

We’re very much fans of democracy and free speech at Campfire Colorado.

While it’s difficult to predict the future, we are confident that if our democracy was able to survive World War Two, it will find a way to survive the liberal Denver Post being silenced by its owners.  

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.