Liberal Denver Post Endorses Griswold’s $310k Payout Scheme to Democrat Donor

By Matt Connelly
burned 100 US dollar banknotes

Secretary of State Jena Griswold is on a taxpayer-funded spending spree to promote her candidacy ahead of the general election with a Colorado Democratic donor potentially making $310,000 in taxpayer dollars in the process.

And the Denver Post is loving every second of it. 

The liberal Denver Post wrote an editorial yesterday praising Secretary of State Jena Griswold for her $1 million taxpayer-funded reelection ad featuring struggling Colorado Springs mayoral candidate Wayne Williams. 

At the time of the editorial’s publication, media reports had cited the $310k payment to Democratic donor, Ilene Nathanson, so we can only reason that the Denver Post is fully on board with this scheme. 

If not, we urge them to immediately condemn Jena Griswold’s taxpayer-funded reelection scheme. 

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.