Liberal Colorado Democrats kill a bill to protect election integrity

By Duncan Luning
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The Colorado House State, Civic, Military, & Veterans Affairs committee killed a bill to ensure election integrity in the state. House Bill 1055, “Prohibit Wireless Networking Voting Systems” was sponsored by Rep. Rod Bockenfeld. He described this bill as “A small step that a number of our counties have already taken. And that is to remove any Wi-Fi capabilities out of these voting machines and equipment.” This bill would strictly prohibit any voting machines that can establish any wireless connection.

This bill was proposed in response to election fraud allegations in the past two presidential elections, as well as the shutdown of the American airlines systems. 

“Anytime you have Wi-Fi capabilities, you have the ability for someone to create, I’m going to call it hanky-panky, with our election system.” Said Rep. Bockenfeld.

When discussing the electronic voting systems, Mark Cook, a cyber security professional, stated that “In the first minute that I looked at a forensic image of one, I found a way where anyone sitting in front of our current electronic voting systems in this state could flip the results of an election. In one minute, I was able to do it. And there’s no tracking in the system. So, there’d be no way to know that happened.” 

House Bill 1055, a bill to protect Colorado’s elections, was shot down by this committee in an 8-3 vote along party lines. 

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About the Author:

Duncan Luning is Campfire Colorado’s Capitol Correspondent.