Liberal Activist Kyle Clark Upset People are Picking on Sen. Michael Bennet

By Matt Connelly

The ringleader of Colorado’s liberal media is VERY upset that people across the country are picking on Senator Michael Bennet for his phony campaign ad where he pretends to be an outdoorsman. 

Bennet’s phony campaign ad made headlines in Campfire Colorado, Fox News, and Washington Free Beacon.

Last night, Kyle Clark did an embarrassing segment on his MSNBC audition show that still runs on 9News where he whined his way through a full-throated defense of Michael Bennet’s one-day fishing license. 

Remember when John Hickenlooper told 9News that they should be “protecting” him from criticism? Clark’s segment last night is basically what Hickenlooper was talking about. 

It’s unclear what is more embarrassing here, the actual fake campaign ad from Bennet or the fact that this the best defense Kyle Clark came up with after four days. 

Kyle Kohli from Joe O’Dea’s campaign had an appropriate response on Twitter. 

We do have to say though, Clark’s use of a bleeped out swear word in the segment was a brave and edgy move that surely earned him some high fives in the 9News’ lunchroom from the few staffers still willing to talk to the man ruining 9News’ reputation as an actual news outlet. 

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.